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Hair and Makeup: Chapter 13

I was so completely horny when I woke during the night and remembered that I had an overnight guest. I turned and watched Eric sleep for a minute before scooting down in the bed for my secret date with his penis. I touched it again and it obeyed me, growing to its full glory within seconds. I wished I could see it better—without the boxers, but didn’t dare do anything as drastic as pulling them down. I couldn’t see it, but decided I wanted to feel it with my lips. I had no clue what to do blowjob-wise or even if I’d ever have the nerve to try it, but I definitely felt the desire to kiss it. I found the ridge where the head began and rubbed it gently against the sensitive skin above my upper lip. It had a distinctively male scent that made my panties even wetter. I knew that if I stayed in that position much longer, I’d be tempted to go further and I wasn’t certain that I had permission to do that. I thought, really, what man would say no to a blowjob, even one from someone who doesn’t know what she’s doing? But then I remembered how unwelcome I felt to explore Bill’s private parts and pulled away, facing the wall. As turned on as I’d been, thinking of how rejected I felt with Bill tamed the tingling and soon I was back to sleep.

In the morning, I found Eric in the kitchen drinking water and cuddled up to him. The feel of his bare chest was so sweet. I wanted to slip my hands under the waistband of his boxers and grab his butt. I’d seen that butt. I’d made that butt up to look like a vampire butt. But before I was able to get my nerve up, Eric had invited me to breakfast and I realized that I was starving. I’d used up a lot of energy the night before coming like a freight train and was ready to be fed.

Eric and I accidentally dressed alike when we went out. I’d seen couples do that before and wondered if it was a conscious decision on their part or if they were just so on the same wavelength—same taste in clothes, colors—that they happened to start to look alike. I hoped people would think that Eric and I were a couple. I wanted to think of us as one even though we weren’t really technically sleeping together—well, except that we had had sex and we had also slept in the same bed twice. But seeing us hand in hand in matching green t-shirts made me feel more like we were a real couple in love. Realistically, I knew that our romance most likely wouldn’t survive much past the shooting of the film. I wasn’t naïve enough to think I could hold Eric Northman’s attention for much longer. But I really did hope that we could at least make love before the end of the film. I hated to think that the only memory of actual sex with Eric would be from that day in the trailer. As amazing as that was, I was hoping for something romantic to put away in the back of my mind as well.

I learned that I need to be careful what I admire in public. Eric kept offering to buy me things at the art fair. I guess when money isn’t an issue, you just automatically buy whatever you want. Only when I admire something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I want to own it. Many of the items, I just liked looking at. There was a set of ceramic dishes that I fell in love with, but they were a fortune and I would have never really considered owning them. What if I broke one?

When I came to the opal jewelry, I was careful not to let on just how much I loved it. But Eric still wanted to buy me a ring. A part of me had a little flash of a fantasy that he would give me a ring as a token of his affection, but I knew it was silly to expect such a thing. I was able to say no to the ring, but when Eric put the necklace on me, my resolve melted a touch. It was just so lovely and the gentle way he draped it around my neck was positively swoon-worthy. I didn’t say yes, but then when he whispered in my ear that he could certainly afford it and called himself my boyfriend, all thoughts and words—especially ones of protest—flew out of my head. I held onto my new treasure and tried to breathe normally. That’s about all I could do.

That week was a challenge at work. It was our last week on the sound stage; then there would be a company move to the backlot. There was a scramble to get all the shots in that we absolutely had to have and other, less important scenes were cut. Poor Eric kept having to learn new lines and forget ones he’d already worked on. The days were long and we could all feel the pressure.

I was looking forward to my weekend at the beach with Eric. He had invited me out the week before, so all week, whenever I was feeling tired, I’d fantasize about my weekend ahead to get me through the slump. I was also having cramps for the first part of the week, which didn’t help my mood much. At least I knew my period would be over by Saturday night. Because we worked until close to 9 a.m. Saturday morning, I slept all day, feeling like I’d been run over by a big steamroller. When I woke, I texted Eric, not wanting to wake him. “Need to do some laundry. What time should I come?”

Eric’s quick response made my heart jump a little. “Come now. Bring laundry.”

Well, alrighty then. I packed an overnight bag (he did invite me for the weekend and not just a dinner, right?). I hoped I was right to assume I’d be spending the night. I threw my laundry bag in the trunk and took off for Malibu.

Eric was shirtless and in sleep pants when I arrived, clearly having just woken up. His hair was sticking out all over the place and he looked just yummy. He showed me how his washer and dryer worked and I started a load and then found him out on the terrace watching the sunset. He handed me a glass of wine and pulled me to sit between his legs on a lounge chair while we admired the amazing view and then did some kissing.

It got chilly after the sun went down and Eric said we needed to get changed for dinner. He disappeared into the bathroom while I pulled my skirt and top out of my bag, happy to see they weren’t wrinkled from the short trip. I found the downstairs bathroom and fixed my makeup and hair while Eric showered upstairs. I wished I had the nerve to just go up there and join him in the shower. I was really dying to see him completely naked. Those boxers were starting to feel very much in my way. But then I knew we had a reservation to make and what I had in mind would definitely make us late.

I put my wet clothes in the dryer and decided I’d do the other load in the morning. Then I went back to Eric’s room and sat on the bed, waiting and working up my nerve.

Eric emerged from the steamy bathroom clean shaven with a white towel around his hips. Our eyes met and we both smiled broadly, clearly each liking the view. “You look beautiful.” He came to me and bent down for a soft kiss.

I put my hands on his waist; his skin was warm and soft from the shower, but the muscles were hard. I felt myself getting wet. He stood and started to back away, but I held on to him. He hesitated and looked down inquisitively.

I swallowed hard, hoping it would make me brave before I spoke. “Can I see?” He started to ask me what I meant, but when my eyes fell to the towel in front of me, he stopped.

“Of course.” His voice was gentle, giving permission to a very scared woman. I wondered if he could tell.

I left one hand on his waist and undid the towel with the other. It fell away, revealing the object of my curiosity. It was pointing slightly down, but clearly on its way up. I touched the tip and let my finger trace down its length as it rose. I cupped his testicles gently, amazed at how different the texture of the skin was, then let my thumb travel up his length, feeling the ridge I’d felt with my lips in the dark through the cotton boxers. It was exquisite, like a work of art. I leaned forward and pressed my cheek to it, wrapping my arms around him and pulling him close.

He inhaled sharply and I just held still. Then I rubbed my cheek a little and turned to kiss him. The skin was as soft as velvet. I put my hand over him, pressing him against his belly and looked up to his face. “Thank you.”

He pulled me up to him and held me, kissing my lips, my cheek, and then my neck. “I’m all yours, Sookie. You are welcome to do anything and everything you’d like, okay?”

“Okay.” Wow. I’d never felt I had that kind of permission from Bill. This was going to be fun.

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