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Hair and Makeup: Chapter 12

I held Sookie for a long time after she came. Her body finally began to relax and I wondered if she might fall asleep, until she pulled away and found her panties. The satin felt so smooth and soft on her perfect warm ass. I wasn’t sure why she had put them back on, and she seemed to think the same thing at the same moment, realizing that it might have seemed a little odd. I just figured she needed a break before we continued moving forward, which was just fine. I wanted her to feel comfortable more than anything else. She apologized and asked if I wanted to finish. That made it sound about as unromantic as possible. Finish? I assured her that there was no need to finish, and that I wasn’t going anywhere. It felt like she wanted to get it over with, which made me more determined than ever to wait. I didn’t think she was ready.

Then she told me that no one had ever gone down on her before and that her fiancé was her first and only lover. I wanted to ask her how it was possible that she’d been walking around in that body since puberty and no man had ever attached his face to that exquisite masterpiece of flesh before. How was that even possible? God, she always seemed so sweet and naïve to me, but I really had no idea the depths of innocence this woman embodied.

That meant that she was a virgin when I met her and violated her in my head every weekend while having sex with the wrong woman. Jesus. And that also meant that her dickhead of a fiancé was a horrible lover and had no clue what a treasure he’d had. I was making quite a long list of reasons why I wanted to punch that guy in the face, and this piece of news just added to it.

This news also made me realize just how much more amazing our trailer encounter was than I’d even thought. She went from innocent girl to condom-grabbing, vagina-offering wildcat in a split second. And just for me. Wow.

Sookie had to use the bathroom, and I was hypnotized by the jiggling of her perfect ass in those teal panties as she left the room. Good god, she’s gorgeous.

When it was my turn in the bathroom, I found my toothbrush and didn’t exactly mean to snoop, but couldn’t help but notice the pack of birth control pills in the medicine cabinet. Good to know.

I blew the candles out and got comfortable with the woman I was beginning to more than adore. Within minutes, she was fast asleep, and I wasn’t far behind her.

I woke up and knew it was still dark but had no clue what time it was. I started to turn my head to see the clock when it dawned on me what had awakened me and I changed my mind and held still. Sookie seemed to be in a little ball scooted down the bed a bit. I didn’t look down but sensed where she was. A soft and gentle finger was touching me through the front opening of my boxers. I smiled to myself, but closed my eyes and held perfectly still. Somebody was doing a little nocturnal exploring.

I was instantly hard, of course. I felt her finger trace from the base to the tip and carefully examine the rim. I had an image of her holding a ruler up to it and suppressed a grin. Then I felt the warmth of her breath and opened my eyes to look down, careful not to move my head to give myself away. Sookie had her lips and nose resting very gently on the head of my dick, with the fabric of my boxers between us. She removed her finger and seemed to simply be relishing the feel of me with her mouth. I was so turned on, naturally, but also so touched at what a shy and private little moment she was having, thinking I was asleep. I didn’t want to interrupt her, but wanted her to get acquainted with all of me at her own leisure—at a pace she was comfortable with.

Her hot breath was suddenly absent and I closed my eyes again while she settled back down, lying beside me, facing the wall. I waited until her breathing evened out and rolled to her, spooning her to me. I could get used to this feeling, I thought, and soon I was back to sleep.

I woke on my back and looked at the time: 10:34. I turned and watched Sookie sleeping beside me. She was on her side, facing me, sleeping peacefully. I studied the curve of her body where her waist dipped and then her hip rose. Her leg was bent, facing forward and much of her weight was resting on her knee. The silky black nightgown had ridden up a little, revealing a triangle of teal satin that I wanted to touch. But then I remembered my vow to myself that we’d wait a bit more until I felt Sookie was ready emotionally. It was still so early in our relationship and she had just broken off her engagement when we started.

I carefully extricated myself from her bed and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. I thought I’d give my dick a minute to calm down as well before trying to pee. I heard the toilet flush and soon Sookie came into the room wearing a sleepy smile. She silently slid into my arms and we rocked together back and forth while I sipped my water. When she pulled back, she reached for the glass and took a sip herself before handing it back to me. I finished it and set the glass on the counter before taking her face in my hands and kissing her mouth tenderly. “Good morning, lover.”

“Mmm. Morning.” She kissed my neck, my chest. We both sighed contentedly as we rocked together a little more. “Want some coffee?”

“Let’s go somewhere. Are you hungry?” I knew if we didn’t leave the house soon, I’d have a hard time keeping my new promise to myself to behave.

“Starving, actually. What do you feel like?”

“Have you ever been to Nate ‘n Al’s?”

“Yeah, but it’s been a long time. Actually, you know that art fair is this weekend across Santa Monica Boulevard. I wanted to go yesterday, but slept all day and never got it together. Would you want to see it?”

“Sounds perfect. Just let me get into the bathroom for a minute and I’ll get some clothes out of my car.”

She gave me a sly smile. Of course, I had clothes in the car, just in case. I was wondering how soon I could start leaving some clothes here at her place and skip the car altogether without freaking her out.

Sookie emerged from her room in jeans and a green t-shirt—very close to the green of my t-shirt. We looked like twins—same shade of denim, similar running shoes. “Oh dear, I’ll change.”

“No, don’t. It’s funny. I like it. Besides no one will even see me after they’re blinded by your perfect ass in those jeans. I’ll be invisible.”

“Yeah, right. Nobody notices Eric Northman.”

It was such a beautiful day, we decided to walk even though it was farther than the walk to Robertson. Nate ‘n Al’s is a delicatessen on Beverly Drive that’s been there since 1945. It’s not fancy, and has pretty basic deli food, but it’s consistently good and the people-watching is often interesting. Sookie and I had a big breakfast that would also probably serve as our lunch before heading over to the art fair.

Just across Santa Monica Boulevard, the fair was spread out over several blocks of the park. Little tents and easy-ups were spread out all along the lawn displaying paintings, ceramics, glassware—any and all kinds of art you could imagine. It was packed with people, slowly shopping, munching on food from the vendors, just enjoying the sunshine. We fell into line and started browsing with the other customers. Most of the time, I held Sookie’s hand, but I reluctantly let it go if she was checking out the art. She loved some hand-painted dishes but wouldn’t let me buy them. I was perusing some framed black and white prints when I noticed she was studying a jewelry designer’s wares very closely. I sort of hovered while she examined some pieces made with opals set in silver. She tried on a tiny ring, but when she felt me at her side, she put it back on the velvet square. I asked to see a similar one, but with a different size stone. “I like the smaller one better on your finger, don’t you?”

“Yeah, it’s really beautiful.” Then to the artist, “Thank you.” She started to turn and leave.

“Wait. I really like this. Let’s get it.”

“No, Eric.” She kind of gave me a look that said let’s not do this here.

I followed her outside the tent. “What? You like it, don’t you? I want to get it for you.”

“Eric, it’s…you know…a ring. Rings have meaning. It’s too soon for you to be buying me jewelry.”

“That’s silly. There’s no rule. It’s not a diamond. It’s just a little ring. Look.”

As we turned back, the artist was setting out a display of necklaces with the exact same design. He gave me a knowing smile.

“Okay, those aren’t rings. Let’s try one on.”

She reluctantly stepped back to the table and looked at the necklaces. I picked up the one that looked the most like the ring and opened the clasp. She held her hair up and looked in the mirror as I fastened it behind her neck. I loved the look on her face. She caught my eye in the mirror, biting her lip, and whispered, “It’s too much.”

I leaned down and whispered in her ear. “You have a rich boyfriend. Let him buy you something pretty.”

She didn’t say a word, but put her hand protectively over the little opal. I took out my wallet and we left in happy silence.

We sat in the car in front of her building kissing for a moment before Sookie got out. I needed to get home to take care of my usual weekend affairs, and she had her own chores to take care of. I envisioned a time when they could all be done in the same house, but that was down the road. She thanked me for her necklace and blushingly added, “and everything else.”

I drove back through Beverly Hills and parked the car before walking back to the art fair. I found the artist I wanted and bought the matching earrings and little ring. I knew she’d say no to them now, but they could wait for a special occasion, or maybe even a not so special one.

I started my usual run on the treadmill and thought of what Sookie had said about taking advantage of the beach if she lived here, so I headed outside to finish my run. I ate dinner and studied my lines until I got sleepy. My last text to Sookie said, “Maybe next weekend we should spend our time here at the beach. How does that sound?” My answer came right back: “Like heaven on earth.”

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