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Hair and Makeup: Chapter 10

I was so relieved when Sookie called to tell me she was perfectly healthy, no thanks to her butthole of a former fiancé. All that worry and heartache for nothing, poor baby.

It was a tough and long week. We only had the sound stage for another week or so before we moved to the backlot, so there was a lot of pressure to get every shot in on schedule.

Things with Sookie were moving along just fine. I kept watching the way other men on the set looked at her and knew how lucky I was to have her attentions. I hoped that I wasn’t just a rebound romance for her, but there was simply no way I could have given her any time to adjust to being single again after her breakup. I just knew that she’d be pounced on immediately by a legion of suitors and I’m not the kind of guy content to be on the waiting list.

I wanted her to be mine. I know I’m a controlling Neanderthal, and being rich and famous probably hasn’t helped that much, but I know what I want and am used to getting it. I wondered if she’d be scared off if I told her how I felt. Yes, it was very early in the romance, but it isn’t as if we’d just met. We’d known each other for a fairly long time and had certainly spent a lot of time together. Hell, she probably knew what a controlling jerk I could be, but she still seemed to like me. Go figure.

In my attempt to be less controlling, I asked Sookie to pick the restaurant for Saturday night. I would have taken her to Burger King if she wanted, but I was pleased with her choice. L.A. Food Show had good food and an elegant casual atmosphere. She told me she liked the band at Nic’s on Saturday nights, so I suggested we go. I wondered if she had been there often with her ex and fought a twinge of jealousy. I’d just have to make sure she had more fun there with me, that’s all. People stared like they always do, but I had a feeling that many of the stares were for the beauty by my side. I watched the singer carefully, and I am quite certain he was singing some of the love ballads directly to her. She was oblivious. Get in line, pal.

Unfortunately, our romantic evening of dancing was interrupted by some drunk and overly-friendly fans. Sookie took it in stride though and suggested we just leave. I must admit, I wasn’t unhappy at the prospect of getting her back to her apartment to be alone. She had agreed to an exclusive relationship at dinner in spite of the fact that it was way early in the game for such a discussion. I just couldn’t help myself. I wanted her all to myself. Also, her passing the parking permit to me on our way out had not gone unnoticed. I hoped that meant I was spending the night again. She didn’t need to know that I had re-stocked my gym bag in the trunk with clothes just in case.

Sookie set our water glasses on the coffee table and lit candles to set the mood. My mood had already been set. I reached for her as she sat down and kissed her. This was my new favorite hobby in my new favorite spot and I was completely content.

She started to wriggle out of her sweater. I helped her get it off and laid it across the arm of the sofa behind her. I thought she’d just gotten too warm, but then realized she had a different purpose as she began to unzip the back of her dress. I reached back and continued beyond her reach, unzipping down to her waist. The dark brown fabric slid forward as she extricated her arms, revealing a dark satin bra trimmed with crème colored lace. I placed a kiss on her shoulder in gratitude and looked down to her perfect breasts. My finger traced the edge of the lace and then I cupped her with my palm. Looking to her face, I smiled and reported my newest discovery: “Teal.”

Sookie’s smile melted my heart. See, I am capable of learning. I knew a new color, and it was my new favorite. I kept my hands very busy making sure the satin was completely smooth as I planted kisses all along her neck and shoulder. I think I may have muttered something about her beauty, but honestly, my head was a little foggy at that point. Blinded by flesh—such exquisite flesh.

I was ready to camp out there and live in a teal colored bra, but Sookie began to gather her dress around her waist and stood up. She turned to walk into her bedroom and I followed as if she had a bungee cord attached to her. When she got to the end of the bed, she turned and stepped out of the rest of the dress, revealing another teal item: matching panties. Good lord. I started to reach for her, but decided it was a little too dark in the room. I certainly didn’t want to turn on a light and so I held up a finger, asking for a moment, then went to the living room to retrieve some candles. I selected two and blew out the rest. Sookie was by the closet zipping her dress onto a coat hanger and placing it on a hook just inside the closet door. I set a candle on the nightstand and another on her dresser by the door, never taking my eyes off of her. She bent over (oh my god) to unbuckle the little straps of her shoes and set them inside the closet.

I sat in the chair in the corner and untied my shoes, removing them as well as my socks. Sookie came to stand in front of me and I kissed her stomach, pulling her to me, my hands exploring the curve just above her perfect ass. Her skin was as smooth as silk. She pushed me back a little and reached down to unbutton my shirt, filling my vision with her exquisite lace-covered cleavage. When she gave a little tug of my shirt, I stood and helped her remove it, laying it back onto the chair behind me. Sookie leaned forward and kissed my chest, both hands exploring gently while I just watched in pure bliss. My hands stroked her hair and then her shoulders. She turned her head to the side, pressing her cheek to my chest, and closed her eyes as her hands lowered to my belt buckle. She got a little stuck with the top button of my pants and I helped her out, unzipping and lowering my pants down to my hips. Sookie stepped back and I removed my pants, adding them to my shirt in the chair. She shyly ran her hand along the front of the waistband of my boxers and looked up to me, a devilish little grin on her face.

When she turned to pull down the covers on the bed, I got a spectacular view of her teal-clad ass and blindly followed it onto the bed. I pulled her to me and covered her mouth in a passionate kiss, relishing the feel of her skin on mine. She lazily draped a leg over mine while her hands massaged my back. I found a breast with my hand and stroked her nipple through the satin with my thumb. We lay like that, just enjoying and exploring for a very long time. I would have been satisfied with just this kind of fondling and kissing, still not wanting to rush her, but she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra without any prompting whatsoever on my part. I took that as an invitation and peeled it away, revealing the most perfect pair of breasts on the planet. I lowered my head and took a taut pink nipple into my mouth. Unlike my rude attack in the trailer that first time, this was a slow worshipful pleasure. Both breasts got special attention, and Sookie seemed to appreciate my efforts. My face happily buried between her breasts, I let a hand roam further south and tentatively pulled the side of her panties down a little. Her hand covered mine and pushed it down a little further. I certainly needed no additional encouragement, and so I sat up a little and slowly removed her panties. First one leg emerged, then I dragged the satin slowly down the other, discarding it somewhere at the foot of the bed. I was kneeling between her legs as she spread out for me in all her gorgeous naked glory.

I sat back on my heels and stared at her. I couldn’t help it. She was the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. I touched between her legs, light-headed at the thought that she was mine, and we had the whole night ahead of us. I bent forward and kissed her stomach, then an inch lower, and then another. My hand was teasing her lightly. “You don’t have to do that, Eric.” Excuse me? I don’t have to do this? This was what I’d been living for since the day I met this woman.

“You don’t want me to?”

“No, it’s not that.”

“So, you do want me to?”

“Yes.” It was tiny, but I heard it.

There was something wrong. I crawled up beside her and pulled her to me. “What is it, sweetie?”

She buried her face in my chest shyly. “I just don’t want you to feel like you have to do anything you don’t want to do…you know…just to please me.”

I pulled her face up to mine and kissed her cheeks, her nose, her lips. “I want to do this to please me. I hope it pleases you as well. Frankly, I think everybody will be pleased. Is this okay?”

“Yes. I want it.”

“Good. So do I. I’ll be down here if you need me.”

She giggled as I scooted down, gently spreading her legs until I found my new favorite spot.

I pushed the little hood back, exposing the tiny inflamed center of my current universe. I touched my tongue to it gently at first to gauge how much pressure she liked. Her body relaxed and I heard a soft sigh, so I pressed a little harder. I started with a slow, steady rhythm, gradually increasing the pressure. Sookie moaned softly and I felt a hand gently rest on my head. I took my sweet time in this position. I could have stayed there all night, quite frankly. Within a short time, however, the pressure of her hand on my head increased a little, so I bore down a little harder, maintaining the same rhythm. I teased her with my finger for a few gentle strokes before pushing in. That got a new sound from her. She was so wet and tight around my finger and all I could think about was that this was the future home for the poor frustrated piece of marble currently residing between my legs.

Sookie began to press her hips up in a slow rhythm, so I slowed my finger to match it, keeping my tongue working a little faster. I curled my finger once it was past the only part that gave any resistance, and knew I was hitting my target by the sounds she was making. Her fingers gripped my hair. I looked up to see her other hand covering her eyes, trembling slightly. I stopped for a second and disengaged my tongue to assess our progress. My finger felt the tiniest, almost imperceptible contraction, signaling that we were on the right path. I watched a single tear roll from the outer corner of Sookie’s eye into her hairline. Her lips were pressed into a straight line.

I knew we were in the home stretch, so I returned to my attentions with full gusto. I resisted the overwhelming urge to just plow my impossibly hard dick into her, but instead kept my focus on my tongue and its new best friend. I got a couple of “oh god”s and some fairly distinctive moans. Her pelvis stopped moving and just pressed forward. Her entire body was trembling. I gave a final tiny increase in speed and pressure until the full-on contractions began. I held still and pressed down with my tongue, stilling my finger and pressing it up towards my mouth while she rode out her climax, making sweet growly little moans. It was exquisite.

Eventually, her body began to relax. I removed my finger and placed a tiny last gentle kiss on her before crawling up the bed and pulling her into my arms. She grabbed onto me and held on tight, every muscle still vibrating. Her face was pressed into my chest; we were both still breathing heavily. “Oh my god, Eric. That was…oh my…I’ve never…how did you…oh my god…that was amazing.”

I chuckled a little at her innocent enthusiasm. You’d think she’d never had an orgasm before. Actually, she made me feel like she’d never enjoyed one more and my typical male pride swelled. I made a mental note to refrain from beating on my chest like a gorilla, because that’s what I wanted to do. Ahh, success. How sweet it is.

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