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Eric’s Story: Chapter 8

On our last night in our now new home (well, as soon as escrow closes, it will be ours anyway), I woke alone to the sound of rain. I could feel Sookie nearby, but she seemed sad, pensive maybe. I found a letter leaning beside the framed sandcastle picture beside my bed. Had I needed to breathe, I would have held my breath as I opened it and began to read.

My Darling Eric,

This has been one of the hardest decisions that I have ever had to make. Since I found out that there really are vampires in the world, I knew firmly in my heart that I would never want to be one. Of that I am certain and have been since day one. I never expected to fall in love with one, and yet even knowing you and loving you the way I do, I am still clear on my decision.

I know that you would want me to be turned so that we could stay together, even though we both know that there are no guarantees that our relationship would actually last. I know however, that I don’t want an eternity as a vampire. But when you told me that you would gladly suffer forever from the loss of my life rather than go against my wishes, those were the most selfless words I have ever heard from another being, human or vampire. It was in that instant that I knew that I, too, would gladly give up the forever I had planned so that you wouldn’t suffer. I see now that that’s what people do when they truly love each other.

So, my answer is this. No, I don’t want to be turned now. I don’t foresee wanting that in my future either. But in the event of my unexpected death, I am asking you to please do what you need to do to keep us together. I don’t want you to feel conflicted about it. Just to be clear and certain, I am asking you to turn me if I die from an accidental death.

I guess this is kind of the supe equivalent of a last will and testament, only I’m leaving you the possibility of my future life as a vampire rather than my worldly possessions. My wish is that I don’t die accidentally but live a full and happy human life by your side if you’ll have me. I love you so much.

Faithfully yours,


I opened the door and went downstairs. Sookie wasn’t in the house. I closed my eyes to feel her, and followed that feeling out into the pouring rain. It was windy and the huge waves were crashing against the shore as I looked in both directions along the beach. I saw her far down the beach sitting in the sand close to the water’s edge looking out to the stormy sea and I could feel that she was crying. I knew when she felt me as well, as I saw her head turn and then she stood and started to run towards me. I ran to her until our bodies met and she was in my arms and we were both kissing each other as if it were the last kiss we’d ever have on this earth. She gave a little hop into my arms as I lowered us both to the sand and began tearing at our clothes. It was rough and passionate as the waves lapped at our feet and the rain soaked us. We both cried out as I entered her, and I almost immediately bit into her shoulder. We clung to each other and climaxed together after a very few strong and powerful strokes. She was crying and I just kept saying I love you so much over and over. Afterwards, we lay there and kissed and held each other until she began to shiver. So I scooped her up in my arms and carried her back to the house as she leaned her head against my chest.

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