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Eric’s Story: Chapter 4

The next two nights were basically identical to the first. Glamoring Gina and sending her away with pin pricks and a false memory of sex, mingling with the Vegas vampires, kissing DeCastro’s slimy ass. Sookie and I had only exchanged messages, but finally spoke on the third night. She had no clues about her brother’s disappearance. She had been working at Merlotte’s, keeping her shields down, and still had no news. By the time I died for the day, I had decided that I was going home the following night. This trip was tiring me and getting me nowhere. I missed Sookie terribly and needed to see her. I wanted to find Sookie’s brother because I knew she cared for him, but I really felt like this Vegas connection was a dead end. I booked my flight home for the following night.

The next night I woke to a tapping at my door. It was too early for Gina. I pulled on my pants with a huge smile on my face because I felt my beloved through the bond. I threw the door open and there stood my beautiful Sookie. She jumped on me, wrapping her legs around my waist. We were kissing passionately when I stepped back dragging her suitcase into the room and closed the door. After three nights of willing my erection away and sending the delicious looking Gina away, I was ravenous. I knelt down and lay Sookie on the floor, pulled her skirt up and her panties off and buried my face where I wanted it the most. She had two orgasms before I bit into her femoral artery and heard my name screamed out just the way I like it. She is scrumptious and all mine. When I picked her up, she was as limp as a rag doll. I placed her on the unmade bed and gently removed the rest of her clothes and then stood by the bed and watched as she sat up and removed my pants. Our eyes stayed locked as she took me into her mouth and showed me how much she had missed me. Then she lay back and opened her legs and reached for me. I took my time and told her how much I loved her and had missed her. It was slow and it was sweet, and when it was over, she just whispered into my ear, “I am yours.” That’s my girl.

I went into the bathroom to turn on the shower while Sookie started unpacking her suitcase. I had planned on flying home tonight but now that Sookie was here (and I was very pleasantly surprised about that), I figured we might as well stay for a night or two. I had no intentions though of getting anywhere near DeCastro with her. Maybe we should go to a different hotel. I thought I should stop her from unpacking if we’re changing hotels and so walked back into the bedroom and stopped. She was standing at the open door with her hand on the knob, and the beautiful and untouched but not unmarked Gina was looking at my crotch with a puzzled expression. (Maybe she was wondering why it didn’t look familiar.)

I stepped forward and said, “Thank you Gina. You are excused. Good night.” as I closed the door. Sookie started furiously repacking her suitcase. I couldn’t believe that we were going to have yet another monumental misunderstanding. I started off with, “Lover, please. Let me explain.” The tears started and she just kept pushing me back every time I would get close to her. I told her that Gina was the king’s gift but that nothing had happened. I explained the ritual of pricking her neck and glamoring her and then sending her out the door. (I left off the part about redressing her and opening my pants before emerging from the bathroom.) By vampire standards, it was about as innocent as you can get, but I could see that by Sookie’s standards, it was not. She kept saying things like “ick” and “gross” and cried hard as she walked out the door with her suitcase. Fuck. I get absolutely no credit at all for all that restraint three nights in a row. Did she really expect me to insult the king? Tell him that I was being faithful to Sookie? Draw attention to her? I thought I handled it all pretty smoothly, but apparently I can’t do anything right. Fuck.

I looked at the clock and decided that I could just make my flight if I hurried, so I threw my clothes in my bag and dressed and caught a cab to the airport.

I left a message for Sookie. “I am on my way to the airport. Please wait for me there. We need to talk. I’m sorry you’re upset.”

I got a text back: I’m sorry you’re upset is not an apology.

I kept calling, but got no answer right up to when my flight was taking off. My last message said, “I’m taking off. I’ll call when I land in L.A. to change planes. Where are you? I love you.”

I turned my phone on as soon as we landed. Nothing. Waiting for my connection, I left another message, “Lover, you’re right. I’m sorry that what I did upset you, and I’m also sorry that I did it. I was trying to do the right thing with that girl and avoid trouble with the king, but I should have told you about it and I should have thought how you would feel about it before I decided how to handle it. I am sorry. It was nothing to me. But I see that it is something to you. I would never be unfaithful to you. But I see that from your perspective, this is upsetting. Please forgive me Sookie. I love you and don’t want to hurt you, lover. My flight lands at 4:15. Please call me and tell me where you are.”

When I landed in Shreveport, I turned my phone on and saw a text: Call when you land. I think Jason is dead. All is forgiven. I love you.

I called her and she answered. She was crying so hard I had a hard time understanding her. I just kept saying “Where are you, lover?” She said she was at the airport outside of baggage claim. She must have landed shortly before I had. I raced downstairs to try and find her. I kept her on the phone, saying, “I’m here. I’m coming.” I walked out the door and saw her across the street. Our eyes met and she lowered the phone from her ear and started to run towards me. I saw the cab and flew to her, but even I was too late. She landed on the ground about ten feet in front of the cab. I heard a woman scream as I picked Sookie up and instinctively bit into my wrist, but I knew she was gone. Blood was everywhere. I couldn’t tell where it was all coming from, but there was a single drop of it trickling from the corner of her mouth, and I lost the feel of her through the bond. It was as if a switch had been turned off and there was a gaping open hole of silence in my head. I was aware of people around me, but I growled at anyone who came close and they stepped back. This was the conversation we had not had. What am I supposed to do, Sookie? What would you have me do? My wrist had healed, but blood dripped onto her face mixing with her tears and I knew it was coming from my eyes. I looked up and searched the sky for an answer. I knew I had only seconds to make my decision. I brushed the blood from her face with my sleeve and kissed her lips and whispered into her mouth, “Please forgive me.” And then I bit down again and put my wrist to her mouth.

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