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Eric’s Story: Chapter 3


I stared at the woman at the door, trying to think how best to handle this.

“King DeCastro sent me. He said that you are an honored guest and that you prefer blonde donors.”

Fuck. “Please come in.”

“My name is Gina and I belong to the king. I am at your service while you are his guest.”

She walked past me and sat on the bed and started to take off her shoes. Fuck. She unzipped the back of her dress and lowered the front, exposing a lacy black bra and an incredible pair of breasts. When she reached out to unbutton my pants, I gently grasped her wrist. “Gina, is it?”

“Yes Master.”

“If you wouldn’t mind, may I do this my way? I have certain…preferences.”

“Of course.”

“Excuse me just a moment.” I walked into the bathroom and retrieved the little sewing kit from the tray by the sink and a box of tissue.

When I went back into the bedroom, she was lying back on the bed in her black bra and panties. She was exquisite. I sat beside her on the bed and said, “Just relax, Gina. I want to do something special to you first, okay? I promise it won’t hurt too much. Is that alright?”

“Yes, Master.”

I took one of the straight pins out of the little plastic kit and made two tiny pricks on her neck, then wiped my thumb on my tongue and closed the two tiny wounds by touching my thumb to the two drops of blood. Then I wiped my thumb on a tissue (honestly that was the hardest part. I hated to waste the blood.). She had a confused frown on her face, and said, “What was that?”

I leaned over her face and looked into her beautiful blue eyes and said, “Foreplay.” She was easy to glamor. I walked back into the bathroom with my little supply kit, willed my erection away by picturing DeCastro sucking on it, and then unbuttoned my pants before returning to the bedroom.

“Thank you my dear. You were wonderful. You may finish dressing and go.”

“You’re very welcome. You were pretty wonderful yourself. If you are pleased, I will be back tomorrow night at the same time. Is that to your liking?”

“That would be lovely.” And then I ushered her to the door, zipping her dress up the back as I gently pushed her out into the hall. “Goodnight Gina.”

I walked through the lobby and along the end of the busy casino until I found the office doors in the corner of the enormous room. There was only a tiny fleur de lis on the door, indicating that it was an entrance to DeCastro’s offices. I knocked and was escorted by a curvaceous redheaded vampire whom I had never met down a long corridor and into yet another casino. This one was almost exclusively vampire I noticed. I spotted Gina at a craps table and nodded to her. She smiled brightly and gave me a little wave. Hopefully she gave a favorable report that I was being a good little vampire and biting the human offered to me. My conscience was clear that I’d been faithful to my love.

Sandy Sechrest approached me and we exchanged bows. She led me further into the room to a set of double doors. Behind those I found DeCastro seated at a huge banquet table surrounded by several vampires that I didn’t know and a tall blond human man as well as some beautiful human women. DeCastro does have excellent taste in humans.

I bowed and he asked me to sit across the table from him. He offered me a lovely brunette. I passed politely, thanked him for Gina, and ordered a Royalty Blended from the waitress.

We chatted about the bar and he slid an envelope across the table to me. I opened it to find a ridiculously high number inside. I was expected to pay this fee for the month in spite of the fact that my bar was still not open and he knew it, the bastard. I nodded in agreement (as if I had a choice), and the conversation turned to trivial chit chat.

I endured a couple of hours of meeting DeCastro’s entourage and their humans, but there was no mention of Sookie or her brother. I excused myself to go and gamble a little at the exclusive vampire tables, hoping to pick up on anything that may be of use in finding Sookie’s brother. Nothing.

At the end of a very boring and unproductive evening, I went back up to my room. I didn’t want to wake Sookie, and so just texted her. “No news yet. Miss and love you.” I checked my messages and listened to Pam’s report on the bar. It should be able to open in time for the weekend. Tonight had been a big dead end. I sensed nothing from DeCastro that would indicate any sort of trouble regarding Sookie’s brother. If he were kidnapped by some other faction, wouldn’t someone be demanding something by now? I made myself very visible all night tonight and no one seemed remotely interested in contacting me at all beyond a cordial nod. Maybe whoever had taken him had realized that he was a worthless piece of shit and had just put him out of his misery. It was all puzzling, but then I was out of time and out for the day.

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2 thoughts on “Eric’s Story: Chapter 3

  1. andrea on said:

    it’s Fleur de Lys by the way … How come there are no comments at all here on wordpress ? Do all your followers go on twitter and/or facebook .. Your stories are lovely, I enjoy them very much after discovering them only now … like 7 years too late, ah ah ah ….

  2. Better late than never, andrea! I’m so glad you’re here and loving all your comments. My reviews are mostly on, so it is a treat to find them here too. I googled fleur de lis/fleur de lys, and it seems both spellings are accepted, but here I see I have delis instead of de lis, and that is a mistake which I will fix.

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