Suki59's Fanfiction

Eric’s Story: Chapter 2

I left a message with DeCastro’s people that I was on my way as I boarded the plane. I had a plane change in Los Angeles, but the layover was brief. I had a text from Compton that he hit a dead end in Hotshot, and would continue his investigation. Shit.

When I arrived at DeCastro’s hotel and casino, I was reminded what a gaudy bastard he is. It was called Blood Palace and it took up two city blocks. I walked into the huge lobby and sitting in the center up on a high podium was a golden throne, not unlike the one I sat in in my own bar many nights. There was a huge black vampire sitting in it looking intimidating to the humans but pretty bored to me. He was shirtless and handsome with a shaved head and glaring green eyes. I returned his nearly imperceptible nod and went to the desk to check in.

Of course I had to pass rows of loud slot machines to get to the elevators. Even at this late hour, the casino was full of desperate humans, all hoping to win money. I rode up to the sixty-first floor and found my room. I still had almost an hour before dawn, but knew that it was too late to call Pam because of the time change. I didn’t want to wake Sookie, so I texted her: Arrived Blood Palace rm. 6102. Compton has learned nothing, will continue tonight. Let me know what you learn today. I miss and love you.

I unpacked and watched TV until dawn took me.

When I woke the next night, I ordered a True Blood from room service and showered and dressed. I called Sookie as I waited for my blood and she was upset at having learned nothing all day about Jason. I tried to console her and said that I would be meeting with DeCastro very soon and would call or text her as soon as I learned any news. Then I change the subject and told her how much I missed our beach house already and how much I missed her. I kept her on the phone when my blood arrived and sat back on the bed to sip my meal while I listened to my beautiful Sookie’s voice. It was almost as good as having her there with me.

I hung up and finished my True Blood as I heard a knock at the door. I opened it to a beautiful blonde woman about twenty five years old, dressed in a low-cut navy blue dress. “May I come in?” She wasn’t afraid of the vampire that answered the door?

“May I help you? I think you may have the wrong room.”

“Are you Eric Northman?”

“Yes.” Don’t like where this is going at all.

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