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Drained: Chapter 9

Arlen came in to Amelia’s for breakfast the next morning. He sat at the counter alone. I lowered my shields, but he thought very little about me beyond thinking I had a nice rack. All memory of the night he’d attacked me and then been attacked himself had apparently been skillfully erased by Eric. Arlen had two inch-long scabs on his neck from Eric’s messy bite, but they looked more like tears than puncture holes and wouldn’t make a person think of a vampire bite at all.

I drove to Target after work and bought some vitamins and an iron supplement. When I got home, I washed my clothes out and put my dress on and climbed onto Eric for a nap. He was right—working all day and having blood taken every night was draining me, but I didn’t want to admit it to him. I needed to work to make money and I wanted to feed Eric. I’d begun to depend on the feeling and look forward to it.

I’d begun to depend on Eric himself and I looked forward to seeing him every night. My whole world revolved around him now and I found myself thinking of him all the time. The more used to being around him I became, the more I feared losing him. I dreaded the day he would be strong enough to leave me.

I’d been afraid of Eric when I first met him, and with good reason. I’d witnessed first hand what he was capable of when he bit Arlen. But I’d also witnessed how gentle and kind he could be, and how genuinely grateful he was for my help. That, combined with how lustful I felt when he bit me, caused me to wonder if I was falling in love with him.

I fell asleep contemplating my feelings and woke shortly afterwards with all my feelings stripped down to only the lustful ones. Eric was perfectly still, making me think it wasn’t dusk yet. The pitch black room gave me a bravado I wouldn’t normally have. I pulled my dress over my head and tossed it towards our feet and got back under the quilt.

I rubbed my bare breasts over the cool skin of Eric’s chest and kissed his neck while I felt his arms and shoulders with my curious hands. I knew it was wrong—a violation, really—to touch him in such a way when he was still in his daytime rest, but I did it anyway.

I knew the second he woke because I heard the little click of his fangs coming down and felt him harden against my body. He was as ready as I was.

Eric’s hands both went to my butt and pressed me into his body. He whispered, “Sookie.”

I answered into his neck, “Make love to me, Eric.”

Our mouths connected in the dark and suddenly, I was filled with his tongue, and his hands seemed to be everywhere. We were both swept away with the blind passion of two people alone in the world, wondering what was next in a dangerous time.

I was still grieving for Bill, but I felt as if only Eric’s touch would heal my broken heart. We’d come here as virtual strangers, forced to trust each other with our lives. And I had grown to need him, to care for him, to depend on him, and yes, to love him.

Faster than I could track, I was on my back and the wind was knocked out of me. It was as thrilling as a roller-coaster ride and I laughed at the sensation. Eric was gone and I reached up into the dark space above me and felt nothing.

“Can you see me?” I asked into the dark.

“Every inch.”

I heard the rustling of clothes and the distinct sound of a zipper and felt my lust rise in a soft wave. I bent my knees and opened my legs in a brazen and blind show for the man I wanted to be my lover. My reward was a cold wet tongue lapping me and I inhaled sharply at the sudden sensation. I threaded my hands through Eric’s hair and held him to me, grateful for the contact after my moment alone.

I told him it was good and I relaxed into the feeling of being the sole focus of Eric’s attentions. I was shocked at how quickly I came and at how powerful it felt. I was still reeling from it when he began to enter me.

He was careful and slow due to his size, but once inside me, we melted into the same rhythm and he fell forward, kissing me passionately as he rode me. With every push, I moaned into his mouth and held him to me as closely as I could.

I felt myself heading down the path to another climax and knew Eric would be joining me soon. Just as I began to come, he broke the kiss and bit into my breast, sucking both the nipple and the blood he spilled as he shuddered with his own orgasm.

Eric was completely still after he came, but I was panting heavily. I felt Eric’s tongue lick the tiny wounds he’d made on my breast and then his lips found mine in a tender, long kiss.

Afterwards, Eric lit our candles and held me as I told him about my day. I felt hopeful that some people may have received our letters today and that maybe we were on our way to an end to this nightmare.

“There are more good people than bad, and the good ones will fix this mess, won’t they?” I asked him.

“I hope so, my love.”

We did nothing but talk and make love until I couldn’t stay awake any longer. As we lay together again in the dark in our usual position, but this time without clothing, I started to drift off to a peaceful sleep and heard Eric whisper, “You’ve made me a very happy man tonight. No matter what happens from here on, I’m happy now.”

I smiled and kissed his chest before succumbing to sleep.

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One thought on “Drained: Chapter 9

  1. The letters are out, and Arlen is no worse for wear. That’s really good.
    And Sookie and Eric made the next step. Woohoo! That was really good. Beautiful.
    Hopefully Eric will be strong enough soon. I’m nervous about her being out in the day using her own name. And even though the bites on Arlen don’t look like bites, added together either Sookie’s presence… This could be bad 😦

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