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Drained: Chapter 6

The following day at work went by quickly and I stayed afterwards to help Amelia with her chores again. As I was cleaning Amelia’s office, I kept picturing Eric’s tongue licking my wrist while my breasts were exposed to him. It made my heart beat a little faster to think of it, but then I’d feel a wave of guilt because of Bill.

While I was working in her office, I asked Amelia if I could use her computer to look something up and she said it was fine.

I made a list of news outlets and their mailing addresses—newspapers in big cities all over the country, plus the news desks of the major TV networks. When I was finished for the day, I drove back to Target and bought some envelopes and a writing pad.

I was craving meat—probably because Eric had taken my blood two days in a row. Bill and I had tried to give me breaks between his feedings so I wouldn’t get anemic, but Eric and I didn’t have that luxury. He needed to get well as soon as possible. I found a little bar that reminded me of Merlotte’s and ordered a hamburger and fries and sat at a table working on composing my letter.

The waitress interrupted me and set a beer in front of me saying, “This is from Arlen. He’s sitting at the bar.”

I looked up and glanced over to the bar to see a man in a baseball cap smiling at me. I caught from his brain an image of his mouth on my nipple. Yes, this was very much like Merlotte’s.

“Please tell him no thank you,” I said.

She was bored and worried about her daughter who had a fever. It made me think of Eric at home feeling sick and weak. I hurried and finished my burger and paid my bill before leaving, never looking back at Arlen.

I was distracted with thoughts of my unfinished letter and didn’t notice the headlights behind me as I drove back to the house. It was past dusk and I knew Eric would be awake and hungry, so I was focused on getting to him and didn’t hear the thoughts of Arlen behind me until I got out of the car and was hit with a loud image of me with my legs spread.

I was knocked to the ground from behind and my keys flew out of my hand. Arlen was on top of me in a flash, pinning me to the ground. I could see my keys just out of reach on the ground in front of me with the little canister of mace attached to the key chain. I wondered if any was left after macing Eric’s drainer at Fangtasia.

I could feel Arlen’s hands on me as he breathed into my ear, “You thought you were too good to drink with me? Now what do you think, bitch?”

I was so tired and so over this idiot grinding his little pecker into my butt. His hands were grabbing at my shorts.

“Don’t you dare tear my shorts,” I said. I only had two pairs.

I was trying to crawl towards my keys, but Arlen was too heavy.

“You don’t have to do this, Arlen. I want you, and I won’t fight you.”

I could hear that he believed me for a split second and he put his weight on his arms which was all I needed to lunge forward and grab my key chain. Suddenly, Arlen was gone and I rolled onto my back, flipping the little sprayer to the “on” position with my thumb and aiming it towards where I thought Arlen should be.

But Arlen wasn’t there. He was on his back a few feet away screaming like a baby because Eric was chewing hungrily on his neck while lying on top of him.

“Eric, stop!” I could see he was in full blood lust and had no intention of stopping. “Eric! Don’t kill him!”

Arlen stopped screaming and seemed to be unconscious. Eric was terrifying and I was uncertain about interfering, wondering if he might hurt me. But I couldn’t let him kill this man, even though he was a complete loser.

I knew my mace wouldn’t stop Eric if he attacked me, so I dropped the key chain and crawled towards Eric and Arlen.


He ignored me and kept loudly sucking Arlen’s neck.

I reached out and put my hand on Eric’s shoulder and pushed him away from Arlen, which was like pushing a tree.

“Eric, please.”

Finally, he disengaged from Arlen’s neck and looked me in the eye, blood all over his mouth and chin. I could see the wild lust in his eyes and then he pushed me onto my back and was on me before I could even register his movement. His mouth covered mine in a hard open-mouthed kiss; his tongue ravaged my mouth as his arms held me to him.

I closed my eyes and started to cry. His mouth left mine and he began to lick and nip at my neck. I was terrified and said, “Please don’t kill me.”

His whole body went stiff and his mouth stopped. I opened my eyes and he was looking at me with such intensity, blood smeared all over his face.

“No, Sookie. I would never hurt you.” He began to kiss my face, my cheeks, nose, forehead. “I’m sorry. I scared you. No, I won’t hurt you. I’m so sorry.”

He rolled onto his back, still holding me, and I buried my face into his neck and wept. He kept stroking my hair and saying, “Shhh” and “I’m sorry.”

I finally stopped crying and looked into his face. He looked worried as he asked, “You didn’t really want him, did you?”

I almost laughed but I realized that he was serious. I’d learned from Bill that sometimes vampires missed certain subtleties in human communication and took things very literally.

“No. I was trying to trick him so I could get to my mace and attack him so he wouldn’t hurt me.”


“You scared me, Eric.”

“I know. I’m so sorry. I was just feeling so strong after feeding from him—stronger than I’ve felt in months. And you’re just so beautiful. Surely you know that I want you. I’ve wanted you since the night Bill brought you into the bar. But I would never hurt you—never force you.”

Arlen moaned a tiny moan.

“Oh my god, Eric. What are we going to do with this guy?” I got off of Eric and sat up.

“Easy. We’ll just take him somewhere and I’ll glamor him. He won’t remember anything.”

I stood and picked up my keys and purse and opened the back door while Eric stood and lifted Arlen and placed him on the back seat. Eric got into the passenger seat and I began to back down the driveway until I came to Arlen’s car.

“You drive this one. I don’t want to be here if he wakes up,” I said.

I got out and opened the back door and dug in Arlen’s pockets until I found his keys.

With Eric following me, I drove Arlen’s car back towards the bar where I’d first seen him and parked in the woods behind the bar. Eric carried Arlen and placed him in his car and I watched from my car as Eric got in his face and I assumed glamored him.

As soon as Eric was in my passenger seat, he asked, “Did you want me to take his money? I can go back.”

“No. No, Eric, I don’t want his money. I’m making money at Amelia’s.”

“I know, and I feel bad about that. You’re working so hard every day and I’m not contributing anything.”

I almost laughed at the thought of Eric’s contribution to our partnership being biting and robbing people while I waited on tables. I guess we had different careers in our little temporary marriage.

“It’s okay. I just want you to get better. I don’t mind working.”

As we drove back towards the house, Eric was very quiet and I wished I could hear his thoughts.

When we parked in front of the house, I turned to him and said, “Why don’t you give me your t-shirt and I’ll wash the blood out of it in the creek.”

He pulled his tank top over his head and handed it to me. I couldn’t read the expression on his face.

I took my shampoo bottle from my purse and took the shirt and the shampoo down to the creek. My own t-shirt had blood on it as well, so I removed it and worked on getting the blood out by the light of the moon. Once I had both shirts clean, I scooped up water in my hands and washed the blood from my face and neck, trying not to get my bra wet, but failing.

“I’m sorry I got blood on you,” Eric said from behind me, making me jump in alarm.

“I thought you’d gone back in the house.”

He appeared beside me and began to wash his face and neck as well.

I left him and went into the bathroom to put my dress on. I hung the wet shirts on the shower rod and took the rest of the clothes I’d had on back to the creek to wash them. Eric wasn’t there.

I used the bush and brushed my teeth, then took my wet clothes into the bathroom to hang them. I made sure the car was locked up and took my flashlight down to the basement.

Eric was lying on the sofa shirtless and I felt a little wave of lust. He was an exceptionally handsome man. I didn’t light the candles, but set the alarm and just climbed on top of Eric, pulling the quilt over us.

As I turned off the flashlight and set it on the floor, Eric said, “I hate feeling like this.”

“How do you feel?”


“I’m sorry. But you seemed so much better tonight.”

“I was, but I’m afraid I’ve drained my strength. I was showing off—trying to impress a girl.”

I smiled into Eric’s bare chest. “Thank you for saving me from that guy.”

“You’re welcome. Were you afraid of him?”


“I couldn’t tell. You’re so brave.”

“I don’t feel very brave. I feel scared.”

I was almost asleep when I heard Eric whisper, seemingly to himself, “I hate having feelings.”

And then I was out.

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2 thoughts on “Drained: Chapter 6

  1. Yay. Eric is awake. Geepers. He doesn’t drink much, yet he still got sick. They must have something in the blood to hide the flavour and taste…. Not good.
    So Sookie has a job now. As I said, I hope Amelia is ok.
    The newspaper blew up. Dang it!
    Radio and Andre were ‘unavailable’. Not good.

    Grr… Attempted rape. Not good at all. At least Eric was strong enough to deal with him. And now he’s a good deal stronger – Woohoo!

  2. andrea on said:

    Just discovered this story ! I’ll be around for a while now I guess, because I like it very much so far …

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