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Back to the Past: Chapter 1

A/N: Please read Back to the Future Again before starting Back to the Past.

Charlaine Harris owns these characters and someone else owns Back to the Future. Not sure who.

As soon as Eric and I realized that we had ruptured the time-space continuum by bringing the Corvette into the present with no way of returning it, we decided that we should make it a priority to get it back to the future again. I had agreed to have Eric turn me, but we decided to postpone that particular event. As long as I stayed away from Hot Shot and were bears, I figured I was okay and we could wait. And since Jason wasn’t even a were panther, the likelihood of my becoming involved in some were war was pretty much zilch.

So, I ran out to the pharmacy and bought some condoms and then came home to our cozy mansion to fill up a couple. I had learned the hard way to make sure and pack some spare fuel when I went for a ride in that thing. Then I showered and changed clothes and ate a big dinner. Eric drove me to Bon Temps where I found the undisturbed time-traveling car behind Jason’s tool shed. I kissed Eric good-bye and promised him I’d be back soon. We decided that once I landed in the future, I’d have Pam escort me back through time and then she could return the car to the future where it belonged. So the present Pam had agreed to make herself scarce until she heard from us that it was okay to be seen. Once the car was safely back in the future again, Eric could turn me and we could live out our little happily ever after.

I was in the car, ready to go with a spare condom of fuel in my pocket (in a ziplock bag, thank you). I grabbed my boobs and watched a smiling Eric as the car surged forward through the bright white light.

I landed right in front of the Shreveport house and Eric came running out of the front door, beaming. “Sookie! I’m so happy to see you!” He kissed me and hugged me and gave my boobs a gentle squeeze. As we settled in the living room, I told him what had transpired in my travels gone awry. He called Pam into the room and gave her a good scolding for the shoe stowaway stunt. In Eric’s time, I had only been gone a few hours, and he wasn’t expecting me back with the car so soon. In fact, he was a little concerned that I may have returned too soon, but said he would “run some numbers,” and see if it was okay.

I explained that because of the introduction of the futuristic shoes, that the present was actually much better now and that as soon as I got back there, I’d be turned and his future would be completely different—hopefully better as well. I told him how I had coaxed some fuel from a pre-revelation Eric even though I was a virtual stranger to him and that I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to get any more fuel. He said that no matter what era I landed in, he would always be relatively nearby because the car was designed to follow his DNA since it ran on his bodily fluids.

Pam agreed to escort me back to the present and then bring the car back to the future again. Eric and I went upstairs to his bedroom to make some fuel and I added it to the spare condom-full in my pocket that I’d brought from the past. We weren’t taking any chances this time and we even decided to put Pam inside a light-tight body bag just in case we landed during daylight like I had before. I covered all our bases, going over the fabric and zipper-closure of the travel bag for Pam to make sure nothing was invented after the present that we were headed to.

I got Pam all zipped into her bag and put her seatbelt on. I was getting ready to empty a condom into the fucks capacitor when I remembered how gross my hands felt the last time I time traveled. I told Pam and Eric to wait just one second while I ran back into the house to get something to clean my hands with. I grabbed a paper towel from the kitchen counter and held it under the faucet to dampen it and then zipped it into another baggie, stuffing it into my other jeans pocket as I ran back out to the car.

I kissed Eric and told him I loved him before climbing into the driver’s seat. Pam gave me a muffled, “All set,” from her bag and I grabbed my boobs and turned the ignition on. We bounced along in the usual fashion for a few seconds…and then a few more…and a few more. I was getting extremely worried as travel had never taken this long before. The second we landed, I knew we had somehow seriously screwed up. I was panicked because it was daylight, and immediately checked that Pam’s bag was securely closed. I called to her, but she was obviously in her daytime rest. I tried to tamp down the fear that was rising up inside me. We were sitting in a clearing in some sort of forest that looked completely unfamiliar to me. I reached into my jeans pocket to retrieve the emergency semen, because clearly this seemed to be an emergency. I felt the presence of human thought signatures just before the car door was opened and I was yanked out by my arm, the seatbelt cut away from me by a shiny knife.

I screamed in shock and looked around to see that we were surrounded by people, all yelling and speaking in a language I couldn’t understand. They were all dressed in drab simple clothes—more like sacks, really, than garments. I tried to listen to their minds but their thoughts were in the same jibberish they were speaking. I watched in horror as Pam’s body bag was dragged from the car and laid out onto the forest floor. I was being pulled away from her by a group of people but managed to look back over my shoulder and saw a man crouched over the bag. He produced a knife and I screamed, “No!” over and over as I watched him rip the bag open with the knife. The little crowd that had gathered around the bag stepped back in shock as the smoke started to rise from its contents. I fought with all my might to free myself, screaming and kicking and biting at the hands that held me back, but there was nothing I could do but watch as Pam’s body burned in the sun until she was nothing but ash. I kicked and fought even harder, although I’m not sure why. There was nothing else I could do for Pam. One strong man grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head back, yelling into my face. As he got close to me, I tried to bite him. It was then that I saw him raise his hand with something metal in his fist and I felt the blow to my head, and then nothing else.

When I woke, it was nighttime. I was sitting on the ground leaning against a pole or a tree trunk, my hands tied behind me. My head hurt and I was wearing one of those simple brown sacks that my captors had been wearing. My heart sank as I realized that my clothes and the condom full of semen were probably long gone, and of course, I had no idea where I was or how far away the car was. I could smell a fire and looked around. Behind me was some sort of outdoor campfire in the center of a circle of small primitive huts. I assumed that my captors lived here, but where were they? I closed my eyes and listened with my mind, but heard no sounds. What I did feel was a vampire void and knew at the same instant that it was Eric. I felt his blood lust just as I saw him emerge from one of the huts, wiping the blood from his mouth. He was dressed in a similar fashion to my captors and I knew he would definitely not know me.

I tried to control my breathing as I watched him go from hut to hut in silence and it was then that I noticed several bodies lying beyond the fire. Had Eric killed all the people? And would he now kill me? I braced myself as he walked towards me. He stopped in front of me and crouched down, staring into my eyes. I tried to make my voice as calm as I could and just said, “Eric.”

He spoke to me but I couldn’t understand him. He slowly and carefully leaned in and licked my forehead, then sat back on his haunches again and continued to speak, this time gesturing to my heart and then to his. He felt the bond as clearly as I did and apparently tasted the blood on my head from where I had been struck. His voice was gentle and I was so relieved that I started to cry. He watched in silent fascination, touching my tears as they ran down my cheeks.

He reached around behind me and unfastened my wrists. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him to me. He stood, still holding me, and soon I felt my feet leave the ground and realized that we were flying, slowly rising and then just hovering above the trees. I looked down and saw the fire and the huts and could make out more bodies around the little village, but felt no human minds. We floated like that, just kind of meandering through air while Eric held me. I kept looking down and felt a surge of relief when I spotted the clearing with the car in it. The moonlight reflected off of the hood and I spoke to Eric, pointing down to it. “That’s my car.”

Eric lowered us to the ground and let me go as I opened the door, checking to see the condition of the car. It seemed perfectly intact except for the cut seatbelts. Then I stood and braced myself as I walked around to the other side and looked down at the torn body bag on the ground. I sat on the ground beside the bag and wept into my hands. Eric crouched beside me and studied the contents of the bag—Pam’s ashes. He asked me something and pointed to the bag and I just nodded my head and cried. “Yes, she was my friend.”

Eric wiped my tears away and pulled me to him, kissing me tenderly on the lips. I touched his hair and stroked his cheek and when he pulled back and looked into my eyes, I just said, “I love you so much.” He whispered words back to me with a soft smile and placed his palm over my heart.

I gathered the bag up, careful not to spill the ashes and placed it inside the car on the passenger seat. Then I walked around the car and sat in the driver’s seat. Eric was touching the hood, trailing a hand towards my open door and then peering inside, clearly with great admiration. He was smiling at the dashboard and then at me when he grabbed my face and kissed me again, this time a little more joyfully. I kissed him back passionately and then pushed his face away so that he was standing beside the car. I swung my feet out and placed them on the ground. My eyes never left his as I touched his knee and slowly ran my hand up his leg, beneath his garment.

Eric raised his eyebrows a little as I touched him, feeling his arousal with relief. I smiled as I pushed the fabric up and placed his hand on it to keep it out of my way. I never broke eye contact as I put him in my mouth and began to do what I knew he liked the most. He touched my face with his free hand and spoke to me in the language I didn’t know. His words became more intense as his passion rose. I knew what I was doing after years of pleasing him and watched with pride as he began to close his eyes and roll his head back in ecstasy.

I fought the urge to swallow, but instead held the semen in my mouth until I knew he was through. I kissed the tip of his penis one last time before turning around and spitting the contents of my mouth into the opening in the console. As I turned back to Eric, he was staring at me with wonder and amusement. I kissed his hand and gave him a gentle push away from the car. He took a few steps back and I closed the door and turned the ignition. I grabbed my boobs and gave him one last look before I was gone in a blinding white light.

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