Suki59's Fanfiction

Back to Normal: Chapter 9


When I entered the room, I closed the door behind me and it was dark. I reached behind me and turned on a lamp, and Eric spun around on the bed and faced the wall, away from me.

“Please turn off the light.” He spoke with his back to me sitting on the bed. I turned it off.

It was pitch black in the room, so I stood still. I was afraid of bumping into something if I tried to step further into the room. I had spent nights here before with Eric, but wasn’t certain whether Pam had taken this room as hers or not, making it unfamiliar to me.

“Are you okay?” Stupid question, I know, but I had to start somewhere.

“Yes. Thank you for what you did at the trial. You should not have done it, of course, but nevertheless, I am grateful. And I was very proud of you. You are brave and smart and more than I deserve.”

“You would have done the same for me, Eric.”

“You are welcome to stay here in the house for as long as you’d like as long as Pam is here. Take your pick of the guest rooms. Or if you’d rather stay at your family home, I will understand. It may be easier for you there. Compton will see to your protection I am sure.”

“I don’t need Bill to protect me. You protect me.”

“I am nothing now, Sookie. You need to find another protector. Your safety is the most important thing to me, and I can no longer assure it.”

“Well, that’s just ridiculous…”

And then he interrupted me, loudly. “I HAVE NO FANGS!” And then more quietly, through clenched teeth, “I have no fangs.”

I mumbled under my breath, “Well, you’re still scary…” I hate to be yelled at. “Look, honey, I know you’re upset. I get that. But this doesn’t change anything between us….”

“This changes everything between us.”

“Well, not for me, it doesn’t. Eric, remember when you told me that you will still love me when I’m old and gray? Remember? When people really love each other, physical changes don’t matter. You said that. And then when you were burned and lost your fingers on the boat, did it matter to me? Wasn’t our love the same? Remember that night when you came to me and had that silly t-shirt on your hand? Didn’t I prove to you how much I love you then? There is nothing that will ever change the way I feel about you. I will always want you, Eric. Always.”

He whispered this time, “I have no fangs.” And I swore he was crying, but it was so quiet. I wanted to go to him. I reached out, but couldn’t even see my own hand in front of my face. I heard him get up off the bed and walk towards me. I could sense him standing in front of me, and I blindly reached out further. I waited.

“Thank you again for tonight. Pam will see to anything you may need. I think you’ll like the blue room. It has that balcony overlooking the pool, but I’ll leave that up to you. Good night.” And I heard him walk towards the bathroom and close the door. I listened until I heard the shower running and then I left.

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