Suki59's Fanfiction

Back to Normal: Chapter 30


When I entered the hotel room on the Queen Mary, which was essentially a cabin on the ship, Sookie was asleep in the bed. I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I was still quite a mess from the burns and that made me respect Olivia even more. I’m sure to a human (other than my devoted wife, of course) I was quite a fright to look at. I took a much needed shower and walked back out into the bedroom. I stood by the bed and watched the rise and fall of Sookie’s body as she breathed and thought of how very fragile she is. I could have so easily lost her. I can’t even bear the thought of her loss. I know that some day I will have to learn how to walk this earth without her, but please, gods, don’t make it now. I can’t do it now. Then I went to the window and looked out to the Red Cross camp and saw Compton standing in the clearing, just watching the truck in which Pam slept. For so long I have hated him and resented his past with Sookie. But I could see that his devotion to her is the only reason she still breathes now, and I felt gratitude. I pictured her body in place of the lifeless forms that I woke to that night under the sea (my gods, was that just last night?) and I choked back my tears. I am the luckiest bastard on the planet because she loves me, she prefers me, she married me and no other.

I slipped under the covers and held her soft warm body to me. She stirred and nuzzled into my chest and gave a little sigh. Then she began to awaken a little more and looked up at me. “Eric. You’re here.”

“Yes, my love. I am.”

“Are you mad?”

“No, angel. I am grateful that you are alive.”

“Please don’t blame Bill.”

“Bill is our friend, and I am in his debt.”

“I know the bond is a mess. We’ll have to sort it all out.”

“That’s okay, lover. You are safe. That’s all that matters.” I pushed her hair from her face. “I love you so much.” And then I gave her a tender kiss.

She returned my kiss and we held each other tightly and kissed for a very long time. We began to touch each other’s bodies with great reverence and care. We took our time and when I entered her, we both gasped and then held still for a moment, feeling each other with our bodies and hearts. For the first time in a very long time, our connection from the bond was not a part of our lovemaking. It felt very different, and it reminded me of our time in the beginning in her house when I had no memory, no past, and she was all there was in the world for me. Now she was also my whole world. She was now my wife. I moved slowly, and she matched my pace. Our eyes remained locked together. The only sound was her soft breathing. As her breaths began to quicken and I felt our peak building, she silently brought her wrist up to my mouth. I bit into my own and placed it to her lips, and then bit into hers. We both drew the blood, never breaking our eye contact, and climaxed together. It was as close to perfect as any ceremony could have been.

As dawn approached, I returned to the truck. Quinn was posted outside and I bowed to him.


“I thank you for your help, Quinn.” He returned my bow and I entered the truck

Compton was lying on the bed closest to the door. Pam was sleeping peacefully.



“Thank you for saving Sookie’s life. I will forever be in your debt. I now owe you fealty.”

“You owe me nothing. I’m just glad that I was there when she needed help. You know that I love her too, but she is your wife now, Eric. You have my word that I will never cross that line in spite of our new…situation.”

“Thank you.”

And then I lay down and let the dawn take me.

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