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Back to Normal: Chapter 29


I lay on my little Red Cross cot for hours, contemplating the news of my wife’s new bond with her former lover. I would imagine that any man would have a hard time with such a revelation, but vampires are known to be more possessive than most other beings, and…well…let’s just say that I am very much a vampire.

I picked up the cell phone to call her numerous times, but wondered what exactly I would say. This was a conversation that should take place face to face and not on the phone. I thought of what she had told me–that she had been injured and may have died were it not for Compton. She used the term “badly injured.” I needed to see her, to speak with her in person. I sensed that it was quite late and tried to feel her through the bond to see if she was asleep, but could not interpret the feelings. It was as if they were kind of muddy. It was so frustrating. I knew that Compton had more knowledge of her feelings now than I did and it made my cold blood boil.

I walked out of the truck and down the ramp. One of the vampire security guards was waiting at the bottom. “I need to see my wife.”

“Your wife? I don’t understand. Is she in another truck?”

“No, no. She is a human. In the Queen Mary Hotel. I need to see her.”

“I’m sorry, but you must stay confined to the truck. We are responsible for the safety of the humans here. You are injured and therefore a threat to humans. You’ll have to go back into the truck.”

“I understand your rules. Is there someone in charge that I could speak with?” He eyed me suspiciously, and then nodded and signaled to another vampire, who came and took his place. He walked me over to the perimeter of the temporary camp where a Red Cross tent had been erected.

He spoke to another vampire who seemed to be guarding the tent. “Is Olivia still here?” The vampire guard disappeared through the tent flap. In a moment, a small black human woman appeared.

“May I help you?”

“Yes. I need to see my wife. She is a human named Sookie Northman. She is in the Queen Mary Hotel.”

“Yes, Mr. Northman, I know who she is. But I am afraid that you can’t see her now. You are still injured and we are responsible for the safety of the humans here. I’m sorry.”

“Olivia, is it?” She nodded and seemed surprised that I knew her name or perhaps that I used her first name. “I don’t know how familiar you are with our kind, but I am over a thousand years old. Because of my age, I have greater self-restraint than most. I can assure you that no human is in danger because of me. I just need to see my wife. I will be no trouble to anyone.”

She looked to the vampire beside me and I felt him nod to her, confirming my explanation.

“Until earlier tonight, she and I did not know whether the other had perished at sea. We have had no opportunity to be alone together since our rescue.” I could see that she was considering my words. “Are you married, Olivia?” I waited, and then finally, I played my last card. “We’re on our honeymoon.”

“Wait here, Mr. Northman.”

She retreated inside the tent, and I heard her on the radio speaking to someone named Lawrence. Then she re-appeared. “David here will escort you to the hotel’s front desk where you may pick up the key to your room. They are expecting you. I’m sorry to say that the hotel is not yet accommodating to vampires, so you will need to return to your truck before dawn.”

“Thank you for your kindness.” And then I bowed to her and turned to go to the hotel. I didn’t know what I would say to Sookie, but I needed to see her.

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