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Back to Normal: Chapter 17


We met in the lobby of the hotel for breakfast at ten. It was a gorgeous sunny day, which I gather is the norm for L.A. After we ate, we ventured out on foot to check out Beverly Hills. What the locals called Beverly Hills Proper was actually not that big. We covered it all by foot in a couple of hours. There were beautiful restaurants and hotels and shops, and the streets were lined with palm trees. There were so many fancy cars and richly dressed people on the sidewalks. We went into quite a few of the exclusive shops on Rodeo Drive with big designer names, but none of us bought anything. The prices were crazy.

As lunch time approached, we ventured our way over to Robertson Blvd. The concierge at the hotel had made us lunch reservations at a restaurant called The Ivy when we told her that we were hoping to see some stars. It was a quick walk from Beverly Hills Proper and we enjoyed seeing some of the houses and apartment buildings on the way. It seemed that everything in Beverly Hills was beautiful. As we approached The Ivy, I noticed a handful of people gathered across the street. They definitely didn’t look like the usual shoppers, so I asked the valet who was in front of the restaurant what was going on over there. He just smiled and said, “Paparazzi.” Apparently they just kind of camped out there all the time, hoping to get photographs of stars eating or shopping on Robertson. Such an odd town, I thought.

We were seated at a table on the patio in pretty much the most beautiful restaurant I had ever seen. I about choked at the prices on the menu, but then decided that it was worth it to get to sit in such a gorgeous place and watch all the beautiful people. We had a great view of the sidewalk filled with shoppers, and the tables around us were all full of happy diners presumably with fat wallets. We were trying to be subtle as we looked around for some famous faces, but none of us saw any. Just as our food arrived however, one was seated at the table right next to ours and I almost fainted. I kicked Amelia under the table, and tilted my head in his direction, but she looked back to me clueless.

Apparently I was the only one at our table (and maybe in the whole restaurant) who recognized him. I was trying to be subtle and so took a piece of paper out of my purse and wrote his name and handed it to Amelia. I almost died when she read it out loud, “Alexander Skarsgard? Who’s he?”

“Shhh!” Then I wrote: Generation Kill.

She shook her head. “Never heard of him.”

I put the paper and pen back on top of my purse on the floor and went back to trying to eat while sneaking glances over at one of my favorite actors. He was even better looking in person. Come to think of it, he reminded me a lot of Eric. Maybe that’s why I was so crazy about him. That and also that he was…well…perfect.

We finished our lunch, which was really delicious and I took care of the check. We were walking out towards the sidewalk when I heard a voice behind me. “Excuse me. Miss?”

I turned around to see the tall blond god from Sweden smiling at me and almost died. “I think this fell out of your purse.”

He handed me something and I just took it and said, “Thank you.” I was momentarily lost in those beautiful eyes and that brilliant smile.

He said, “You’re very welcome.” And it was almost as if we shared some kind of secret moment. Was it my imagination or was he kind of giving me an Eric smirk?

He turned and went back to his table and I sighed and then looked down to see what he had handed me, and to my horror it was the piece of paper with his name and Generation Kill on it that I had written out for Amelia. I’m sure I turned three shades of red before grabbing Amelia’s arm and saying, “Let’s get out of here!”

Jason kind of laughed and said, “Aren’t you on your honeymoon?”

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One thought on “Back to Normal: Chapter 17

  1. andrea on said:

    Yeah, I know the feeling having met Alex myself … How I actually managed to speak to him and exchange several coherent sentences is still a complete mystery. Eventually, he took the selfies himself with my IPhone after he saw how useless I was fumbling with it nervously to no actual result. Truth is : he’s much sweeter than Eric but still looks as good as him 🙂

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