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Back to Normal: Chapter 14


Eric doesn’t exactly let me look at his teeth, but once in awhile, I get a glimpse of them and they seem to be growing in a lot faster that I expected. When the points aren’t extended, they are still pretty short, but when they are down, the sharp tips are about even with the other teeth and it looks fairly normal. I have no idea how long it will be before they are functioning. I’ve never asked him whether it hurts or not. I feel pain through the bond but it’s hard to tell how much if that is physical and how much is emotional. I know when his fingers grew back, it was very painful, so I assume that this is as well. But it’s obviously not a subject that he’s comfortable discussing, so I never bring it up.

One morning my daily note said, “Please don’t eat dinner before dusk tonight.” Later, when he woke, he said he wanted to fix me a special dinner to celebrate. I wondered what we were celebrating, but didn’t ask. I could see that he was excited about something and it was so good to see him in such a happy mood. We spent a long time in the kitchen, and Pam must have been in on the surprise because the refrigerator was full of food that I certainly had not bought. I watched in awe (and was forbidden to help) while Eric made chicken parmesan and roasted vegetables. It was delicious, and afterwards, he scooped out some vanilla ice cream and drizzled caramel and chocolate sauce over it and set in front of me with a huge (although close-lipped, of course) smile.

When the kitchen was clean and my stomach was full, we walked hand in hand throughout the grounds. It was a beautiful clear night and we sat on a little bench under the stars in a clearing near the rose garden. Eric took my hand and said, “I will never forget how wonderful you have been through all of this. Thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me Eric. I love you. I would do anything for you. I just wish I had gone into that courtroom sooner, and then this wouldn’t have happened to you. I’m so sorry honey that I wasn’t there sooner. Can you ever forgive me?”

He brushed my hair back from my face and said, “There is nothing to forgive, my love. I am in your debt for your courage and devotion.”

I snuggled up to him and we sat for a long time in silence with his arm around me and my head snuggled up to his shoulder. Then in one of those perfect moments, he lifted my chin with his hand and gave me such a sweet romantic kiss. It was my suggestion we take this little party inside. That bench wasn’t the most comfortable piece of furniture at our disposal and I wanted to get things going, so to speak.

Eric asked me to wait in the hall for a minute when we got to his room, so I did, wondering what else he had planned for this night. When he said I could open the door, I saw that the room was filled with lit candles sitting on every piece of furniture. The bed was covered with red rose petals. Eric was standing beside the bed in his black silk drawstring pants looking like a god. I just said, “Wow. I guess this is part of the celebration too?”

He nodded yes. I stepped into the room and into his arms and he gently began to undress me, giving special attention to each part he revealed. As usual, I placed the sheath beside the bed. We were obviously leaving the light on since the room was lit by candles, so when it felt like the right time, I started to turn over so Eric could enter me from behind, and he stopped me and rolled me onto my back again, kissing me passionately. I held my breath when I realized that he was going to make love to me face to face, and it wasn’t pitch dark. This was something to celebrate alright! I opened my legs and he entered me without breaking the kiss. We moaned with pleasure and reveled in the intimacy that we had both been missing. When we were both getting close, he started to kiss down my neck towards my breast. I closed my eyes, waiting for the rush of pleasure that I knew my climax would bring when he said, “Watch me, lover.” Our eyes met and I caught that devilish twinkle that I had so desperately missed as I watched him sink his new fangs into my breast. We both groaned as we came and I felt tears streaming down the sides of my face into the pillow from the joy of having Eric returned to his full glory.

Afterwards, he kissed the tears away and said, “I hope those are happy tears.”

“Yes, they are. I love you so much.”

“And I love you.”

I felt like we were back. Things felt so good for the first time in a long time. We lay together and kissed and cuddled until I needed to use the bathroom. I came back wearing my silk robe and Eric had his pants back on, sitting up on the bed smiling at me. “So this is what we were celebrating tonight?”

“Yes, lover. I thought it seemed like a special occasion.”

“Yes, it certainly is. I’m so happy, honey.”

“Why don’t we put away the knife?”

“Okay.” I reached for the sheath and asked, “Where do you want me to put it? And wasn’t there a gold case? I can’t remember what I did with that.”

“It’s in the top drawer of the desk. Would you bring it over here, lover?”

I found the gold case and sat back down on the bed. Eric had a funny smirk on his face and I just assumed it was just from the general good mood that the whole evening had produced. Then I opened the case and saw the ring. I gasped at the sight of it and looked back to a very smug Eric.

“I thought it was about time we put some diamonds on that left hand.”

I felt the tears start when he dropped to the floor in front of me on one knee. “Will you marry me?”

I think I said “Of course.” But honestly I don’t really remember. I was crying and laughing and Eric was smiling up at me with those beautiful new fangs. It was the happiest of nights.

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