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Back to Normal: Chapter 12


For the next few weeks, I settled into my new routine in Shreveport. Some days I would drive into Bon Temps to see friends. I would hang out with Amelia, shop at Tara’s, eat at Merlotte’s. Some days Claudine would meet me in Shreveport for lunch or to shop, but I always made sure I had time to get home and shower before dusk so I wouldn’t smell like fairy at the house.

Many days I just relaxed by the pool reading or would go swimming. Eric’s house was amazing and the pool was just beautiful. I got more used to seeing the cleaning crew and the gardeners at the house during the day, and they were very nice to me. Some days I would help with the weeding or planting when the gardeners were there. The grounds around Eric’s house are really something special.

I hardly saw Pam. She was at Fangtasia most nights and I was often asleep by the time she got home. I’m not sure if she was always that busy or if she was staying out of our way so that Eric and I could take our baby steps together. Something tells me it was the latter.

Every night as soon as the sun went down I would retrieve the large ceramic bowl from the center of the breakfast table in the kitchen and take that and my knife up to Eric’s room. I always knocked first, then slipped into the dark room and sat on the floor. He stayed on the bed while I told him about my day. We talked about what books we were reading or what movies we had seen. Eric had a huge flat screen TV in his room and we got Netflix deliveries every day. Eric would watch the movies in his room and I would watch them in the den downstairs, and then we’d talk about them together. After our nightly chat, I would take the knife out and cut my wrist over the bowl. Eric would steal across the room and take my hand and suck the blood, closing the wound. I reached to touch his face once, and he jerked his head back as if I had burned him. I said I was sorry and then he finished closing the wound. I would always leave the bowl and go to my room to go to bed. The next morning, the bowl would be clean and empty back on the kitchen table. Lying in my bed alone, I could feel Eric’s lust and frustration through the bond and I would bring myself to climax, knowing that he was doing the same thing. I know it sounds silly, but it made me feel closer to him.

One afternoon I was napping by the pool, vaguely aware that one of Eric’s employees was rinsing the pavement and watering the plants in the huge pots around the pool. When I sensed that he was through, I got up to take a dip and cool off. I’d done that many times on many days, but on that particular day I guess I was just a little clumsy, and as I dove into the water, my foot slipped. I felt my face scrape the bottom of the pool and came up immediately. I put my hand to my chin and saw blood on it. I pressed a towel to my face so I wouldn’t drip blood in the house (the water was bad enough) and went up to my bathroom. At first I was shocked at my reflection, but then couldn’t help but smile at the irony. My nose and chin were bleeding and my right front tooth was chipped. I was a snaggle tooth. What are the odds?

I called my dentist’s office in Bon Temps and was told to come on over and he would squeeze me in. It wasn’t too bad. The tooth wasn’t loose, just chipped. He made a mold of my front teeth and said that the crown would take ten days to two weeks to get here. Meanwhile, he started to fit me with a temporary crown so I wouldn’t feel self conscious. Suddenly, I had an idea and asked if the temporary crown was really necessary. He said that no, as long as I wasn’t in pain, it would be fine to leave the chipped tooth exposed until the crown arrived. I drove home with new resolve.

That night, I left my bowl on the kitchen table, put my sheath into my back pocket and went up to Eric’s room. As soon as I entered and closed the door, I remained standing and felt the rush of air as Eric quickly approached me and took my face in his hands.

“What happened?”

“I slipped on the edge of the pool when I was diving in and decided to clean the bottom of it with my face. Hopefully nobody saw how graceful I must have looked.”

His hands turned my head from side to side as he examined my injuries in the dark. I cautiously reached a hand up to where his face should be and touched him. He jerked his head back, but then when I didn’t move my hand, he leaned forward gently so that my hand was on the side of his face. We held still for a moment and then I whispered, “I’m going to turn on a light.” There was no response. I reached behind me where I knew the lamp should be (and hoped it had not been moved). “I’m going to turn this light on, okay honey?” Silence. I turned the switch and looked into Eric’s eyes and smiled softly. I placed my other hand on his face as well and we stood and just looked at each other. He finally said, “I need to heal these abrasions.” When he spoke, I could see the black holes where fangs should be. It was shocking, but I didn’t flinch. I took the sheath from my back pocket and handed it to him. He pricked the tip of his finger and gently rubbed the blood into my chin and onto the tip of my nose. I took his finger and put it into my mouth while looking into his eyes. I saw his pupils dilate and felt my own rush of sexual desire.

Very slowly and carefully, our faces inched closer. His finger left my mouth and touched under my chin, tilting my face up until our lips were touching. It was the softest gentlest kiss. I waited until I felt his tongue tentatively swipe my lips and then I parted them and let him in. I touched his tongue with mine and the passion began to build. I became a little more forceful, and then my tongue was in his mouth and I felt a space where a fang should be. He broke the kiss and pulled back. I held still and waited, then reached up again and began another gentle kiss. This went on for a long time until he finally allowed my tongue to explore his mouth, but I was careful to try and avoid the fangless spaces.

As the passion in our kissing built, he started to walk backwards towards the bed and I eagerly followed. I heard him set the knife on the bedside table as we fell onto the bed and started to hungrily pull at each other’s clothes. I started to go down on him and then realized that my broken tooth may actually hurt him and kind of laughed at myself. I think we’ve both been injured enough. Once we were free of all of our clothes, I climbed on top of him and guided him into me with a moan of relief and eliciting a “yessss” from Eric. After weeks of my sad little do-it-yourself orgasms, it didn’t take me long at all. After a most fulfilling climax, I started to ride him harder like I knew he liked. He was moaning and started to say my name, but then put his hand over his mouth when he spoke. It pained me to see that in what should be a very unself-conscious moment, he was still aware of his mouth. I pushed his hand aside, and he turned his head into the pillow, again trying to conceal his mouth from view. I thought, well, this isn’t right, and so I stopped and climbed off of him. He turned his head back to me and gave me a puzzled look until I stood facing the bed and pulled him up to stand behind me. I bent forward and reached out onto the bed. I placed my feet apart and stood on my tiptoes offering myself to him. His hands grasped my hips roughly and he entered me with a satisfied grunt. This time I sensed no worries of how his mouth looked as he spoke all the private sexual words that we both loved and craved. I could tell he was getting close and so was I. I felt his right hand leave my hip and just as I started to come, I felt the sting of the knife grazing my shoulder blade followed by his cool wet mouth sucking out the blood. I cried out his name as I heard the knife clatter to the floor and felt the familiar throbbing sensation inside me as he came. That was some baby step.

Afterwards, he turned out the light and we climbed under the covers together. He was on his back and held me as I cuddled into his chest. “Sookie?”

“Yes love.”

“Did you chip your tooth on purpose?”

“No honey. I’m just a klutz.” And I smiled into his chest as he kissed my hair.

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