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A World Away: Chapter 6


After my nap with Sookie, I was feeling much better. Sophie-Anne joined us in the bedroom and we all ate dinner together. I acted as interpreter. After dinner, I needed to use the bathroom and was simply mortified at the thought of handing Sookie a used bedpan. The bottle was bad enough. She finally took pity on me and helped me to the outhouse. I knew she was a nurse, but she was also the girl I wanted most to impress and I had a hard time reconciling the two.

I slept for awhile after dinner and then when it seemed like the end of the day, Sophie-Anne brought Sookie a nightgown and left us our privacy. I wondered what she must think of us, but then didn’t care and was only grateful that it seemed I would get to spend a whole night with Sookie at my side. Sookie shut the lamp and moved to the end of the bed. I probably should have looked away, but I didn’t. I could barely see but there was a bit of moonlight coming through the curtained window as she removed her clothes and put the nightgown on. I could just make out the soft curves of her body and as she removed the bra, I could see her nipples, just a shade darker than her skin. I felt a familiar stir in my groin in spite of my body being taxed by my injury.

She hung her clothes up on the same hook as my robe and as she came to the side of the bed, I held the covers up, inviting her to join me. She resumed her position from our nap up against my side, resting her head on my shoulder. I held onto her with my arm. Only this time there were no heavy covers between us. There was only the thin soft cotton of her nightgown. I felt her soft contours against my body and I hardened further. She tentatively reached her hand to rest across my stomach, and her arm brushed the tip of my erection. I let a small gasp escape my lips and she whispered a tiny, “I’m sorry.”

I squeezed her tighter and kissed the top of her head and said, “It’s okay.”


Apparently, I was to sleep with my patient. A part of me was reluctant because I knew it was inappropriate, but another part wanted nothing more than to spend the night in Eric’s arms (or at least his one good arm). It was as if all the rules were suspended while we were here in this odd situation. Or maybe I was simply looking for an excuse to suspend the rules and follow my heart. I put out the light and changed into my gown. As I approached the bed, Eric held the covers open for me and I saw that he was erect and my heart started to race. I felt the warmth spread to my lower regions as I snuggled up to Eric’s body and as I reached across his stomach searching for a comfortable place to rest my arm, I felt his hardness with my arm and heard him take in a sharp breath. I apologized, but really wanted nothing more than to touch him with the hand that was now resting by his side. I felt him kiss the top of my head and I snuggled further into his shoulder, breathing in that familiar and comforting scent.

I was listening to his heart beating as well as my own when he suddenly whispered, “Sophie-Anne told me that you love me.” I didn’t know what to say, and so I said nothing. “She said that’s what you told her in the barn.” He waited and still I held still. “Do you love me, Sookie?”


“What about Bill?”

“Bill?” I almost laughed. “I’m not with Bill. I’m not with anyone.”

I started to explain that I was single, of course, and that I was a nurse now and as I raised my head to speak to him face to face, his lips were on mine. I brought my hand up to caress his face and kissed him back. It had the same intensity as the kiss I remembered in the dark classroom, only now we were alone in a bed seemingly far away from the real world. I parted my lips and our tongues met. We kissed like that for a long time, sometimes slowly and tenderly, and then the passion would build and he would take my breath away with the intensity. I scooted up a little further so he could rest his head back onto the pillow. I instinctively raised my knee over his legs and felt his erection against my thigh. Sometimes when I brushed his tongue with my own, I felt him move against my leg and it would trigger an aching sensation between my legs that I had never felt before. Eric’s right arm was holding me tightly against him and I felt his left hand move to touch my breast, but then he stopped and grunted with pain and held his breath as he returned the hand to his side. I pulled the covers back and examined his bandage. It didn’t seem to be bleeding through, but I told him that he shouldn’t move his arm. “But I want to touch you.” I wanted nothing more than to be touched by Eric and so I sat up and straddled him, feeling him between my legs. My eyes had adjusted to the dark and so I watched his eyes as he raised his right hand up and cupped my breast through the thin cotton fabric. He watched his own hand as it traced the lines of my breast and then found my nipple and gently pinched. My breathing audibly hitched, eliciting a smile from Eric. “My god, you’re beautiful.”

I had never felt more beautiful than I did at that moment. I looked down at his face, his smooth muscular chest and said, “So are you.”

“I don’t want you to feel pressured to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with, Sookie.” His hand continued to gently caress my breast.

“Are you married, Eric?”


“Neither am I.” I saw him smile a small smile. “We both nearly died today. I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. But I do know that I have loved you since the first night I met you. I think about you all the time. I’ve had boyfriends since then, including Bill, but I’ve never felt for them what I feel for you. I’m not sure what I’ve been saving myself for if it’s not for you. And the fact that your face was the one I saw this morning beside that creek is some sort of miracle. I don’t know why this is happening to us, but it is. I want you, Eric. I love you.”

As I leaned forward, carefully avoiding his shoulder, I heard him whisper a soft, “Oh my god,” as our lips met. I pressed down on him with my hips and his hand dropped from my breast to my behind and pressed me closer to him still as his hips rose up to meet mine a little. The contact made us both moan softly into each other’s mouths as our tongues swirled around each other. I’m not sure when it started, but soon I realized that I was pressing into Eric in a slow steady rhythm and our moans began to match it. I had never felt anything so incredibly good and yet I still wanted more. I wanted nothing between us and so I broke the kiss and carefully got off of Eric. I stood beside the bed and raised my gown up over my head. I laid it across the foot of the bed and then stood and pushed my underpants down and stepped out of them, setting them on top of the gown. I knelt back onto the bed but before I could make my way back to my previous position, Eric’s hand moved between my legs and his fingers found me. I gasped at the sensation and sat back with my legs tucked under me, my knees slightly apart so that he could continue. I closed my eyes and my head fell back a little. I reached my right hand out and found his erection and wrapped my fingers around it. I began to move my hand on him matching the rhythm that his fingers were moving in inside of me. His thumb began to touch me as well and it made my breathing speed up a little more. I felt a building up of sensations. My face felt hot. I could hear my own heartbeat and my breathing became erratic. My left hand held Eric’s upper arm and I felt it trembling on his hot skin. I was moving my body closer and closer to Eric’s fingers until suddenly I grabbed his hand with both of mine and pressed it to me as I felt overwhelmed with pleasure. I felt my muscles contracting in an odd rhythm around Eric’s fingers and it all felt so good, like I had absolutely no control over my own body. It had suddenly taken over and had a mind of it’s own and it felt amazing.

I held Eric’s hand still as the contractions slowed down and my head fell forward against my chest. My breathing slowed down as did my heartbeat and as I started to feel back in control again, I opened my eyes and caught the intensity of his icy blue stare and said, “I want more.”

We both laughed a little at my brazen comment, but I absolutely meant it. Eric removed his fingers and I straddled his body again. I wrapped my hand around him and wondered how in the world it was going to fit. “We don’t have to go any further, Sookie.”

“I know, but I want to.”

I raised up a little and placed his tip at my entrance. I started to lower myself just a little when he whispered, “I do love you, and I will marry you.” He raised his hips to meet me a touch and he went inside just a little more. We both moaned and moved again and then again until he met with some resistance. “This will hurt just a little, sweetie.” I held my breath and grit my teeth and sat down just a little harder. It did hurt and I grunted a little, but then almost immediately the pain was forgotten and replaced by overwhelming pleasure. We continued slowly. I inched my way down with each stroke and eventually, he was all the way in. I leaned forward carefully and found his mouth and we kissed hard as he moved inside of me. I tried to focus on one sensation at a time, but it was all so overwhelming. Our rhythm and our breathing began to increase in speed and I felt that same building sensation. This time I knew what was coming and relaxed my body. I broke the kiss and buried my face into Eric’s neck on his good side as he said, “Come for me, Sookie.”

I mumbled into his neck, “Yes, yes, yes.” And then the fourth yes just came out as a wordless moan as I went over the edge of pleasure again. I felt Eric tense beneath me and his breathing had an odd rhythm to it as he grunted a few times and there was the sensation of his own contractions as well as mine inside of me.

I lay limply on top of Eric just breathing for a long time. His hand gently stroked my back as I focused on the slowing down of the contractions inside of me. I wasn’t sure which were mine and which were his. I wanted to stay just like that for the rest of my life, but then I started to feel a cramp in my hip and tried to adjust my position a little. It still hurt and so I reluctantly raised my hips up until Eric was free of my grasp. I scooted back to my earlier position, lying beside him, snuggled into his shoulder. “How’s your shoulder?”

“It hurts.”

“I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay. The rest of me is very happy.”

“Me too.” And I felt myself drifting off into a very satisfied and luxurious sleep beside the man of my dreams.

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