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A World Away: Chapter 2


Andre shifted and sat up. I sat up as well and looked to see what he needed. He spoke in German of course, but his gestures indicated that he needed to use the bathroom. I got up and retrieved the bottle we used. I turned my back as he filled it and then he closed his pants and handed me the warm container. As usual, I was escorted at gun point down to the creek. I emptied and rinsed the bottle out, and debated about going myself while I was out, but decided that I could probably hold it until morning. I so hated to go while being watched.

I settled back down on the floor beside Andre and went back to my thoughts of the night I met Eric. We spent a long time sitting on the terrace sipping punch and talking. It turned out that we were both from Louisiana and had both lost our parents fairly young. I had one brother, Jason, as well as my grandmother who raised me, and Eric had a sister named Pam. Eric was easy to talk to and we laughed a lot. He had such an air of confidence that I was drawn to, and of course, physically, I wanted to touch him, hold him, just be near him. After we finished our drinks, we went back to dancing and I just melted back into his arms like I lived there. Some dances we would just stare into each other’s eyes and then during others I would rest my head on his chest while he kind of nuzzled my hair.

I could have danced in Eric’s arms all night, but then the band played their last song and I knew that our magical night was ending. As the lights came up and people were leaving, Eric asked if he could see me home.

We’d started the night as a group of five girls, but on the walk home, we’d added three young men to our group. Eric and I hung back a little from the group and walked in silence. He reached for my hand and we held hands for the last few blocks. I never wanted to let go. When we got to the dorm, the girls all said their good nights to our escorts. I noticed one boy giving a friend a kiss on the cheek and I turned to Eric, hoping for the same. Instead, he bent down and gave me a very soft, chaste and all-too-brief kiss on the lips. I closed my eyes, savoring the lingering feel of the kiss even after he had pulled back. I opened my eyes to his beautiful eyes twinkling back at me and he just said, “Good night, Sookie Stackhouse.” I whispered a good night that he probably didn’t hear as I turned with the other girls and floated into the dorm.

Andre was asleep as indicated by his light snoring. I turned away from him and tried to sleep myself, but again, my thoughts drifted back to Eric. After that night at the dance, I waited, hoping to hear from him. I tried to go to every dance that promised the prospect of the Georgia Tech boys’ presence, but never saw him. I was hurt and disappointed, of course. I had felt something powerful, magical almost that night in his arms, but apparently, he had not.

I didn’t see him again until the end of the following school year. By that time I had met and was dating Bill steadily. I loved Bill in a way. He was my first real boyfriend, and he was sweet to me, but I knew that my future would most likely include joining the army and possibly working overseas. I wasn’t interested in getting married right after school like a lot of the girls in my class, and I told this to Bill. So, even though he was my steady, we had no plans to marry right away.

During that last week of classes, there were a lot of parties and dances. People were celebrating the end of the semester. Many were graduating. And many of those were joining the service in anticipation of going to war. It was at such a dance that I saw Eric again. I was there with Bill, of course, and we had spent a great part of the night dancing. The party was in the rec room of one of the school buildings, and I left Bill to go and find the ladies room. It was down the hall, past several empty and dark classrooms. I was just emerging from the restroom when someone grabbed my hand and pulled me towards one of the classroom doors. I was so startled and at first thought it must be Bill, but then I looked up and saw Eric. My breath caught in my throat and my heart was racing by the time he had me inside one of the darkened rooms. He closed the door behind me and pulled me into his body as his lips crashed into mine. I knew it was wrong. This man had never pursued me after our initial meeting, and now I was with Bill. But as much as my brain screamed for me to stop, my body screamed even louder to go, go, go. I remembered his scent and instinctively opened my lips as my arms went up to his neck, pulling him down closer to me. His warm tongue found mine and one of my hands threaded through his hair. I couldn’t get him close enough to me. We were both softly moaning and I felt what surely must have been his erection pressing against my hip and as it’s significance registered in my overly heated brain, I felt my own lust rising between my legs. Bill had never kissed me like this, and all I could think was that I wanted to be kissed like this every day for the rest of my life.

After what seemed like a blissfully long time, Eric broke the kiss and trailed smaller ones down my neck. We were both panting heavily as he spoke into my neck, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I know you have a boyfriend. I’ve stayed away. But I had to see you one last time. I’m leaving for basic training tomorrow.” I started to speak, but his hand found it’s way up to my face and pulled me into another passionate kiss. To my own utter amazement, my hand that was resting on the back of Eric’s neck dropped and wrapped itself around his waist. I felt the muscles of his lower back and then dropped my hand even lower to his spectacular behind and before I realized what I was doing, I was pressing him into me. As I felt his erection press further into my hip, my moans got a little louder. I thought, oh my god, we’re going to have sex right here in this classroom. There was no way I would be able to stop. But then suddenly the kiss ended. Eric grabbed me just a little closer in a tight embrace as he kissed just behind my ear, and then he took a step back, opened the door and disappeared down the hall.

I took a step towards the wall beside the open door. I wondered if my legs would hold me up much longer. I put my hands on the wall and pressed my cheek into the cool painted concrete as I tried to steady my breathing. Once I had that under control, I made a fast dash back to the ladies room. I sat in the stall, watching my hands shake as I replayed the kiss over in my mind. I took my compact out of my purse and almost laughed out loud at the condition of my face. My lipstick was smeared all over my mouth and wisps of hair had fallen around my face. It took a minute for me to repair my damage and then I found my way back to the rec room where Bill was waiting. I looked at him and made the decision right then and there that I would never be able to marry Bill. Not after that kiss from Eric. I wanted more of that.

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