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A World Away: Chapter 15


Eric is rich. I guess I am too. I had no idea. We were having the conversation that I was putting off because I felt guilty about wanting to quit work to be with Pamela when he just happened to mention that we didn’t need the money. Maybe there are women who would prefer to work rather than stay home with their babies, but I’m not one of them. I did like my job for the most part but it didn’t fulfill me as much as working in the Army in France had. There I felt like I was really making a difference. But my hospital job just felt like something I needed to do to survive single motherhood, and I hadn’t enjoyed the daily reminder that I was alone and that Eric may not even be alive. I also felt more than a little uncomfortable since Quinn had asked me out and declared me his property in town. (He also had the very annoying and inappropriate habit of calling me “babe.”)

So the morning after my wedding day I thanked Mr. Cataliades for all his kindness (and he had been very helpful in allowing me time off when Pamela was born and then again just after Gran’s death). Then I asked him how much notice he needed for me to quit. He said that two weeks should be plenty and he offered his congratulations on my marriage.


Sookie gave her two-week notice the day after we were married. Amelia continued to take care of Pamela during the day. I loved spending time with Pamela, but was not confident with my child care skills to say the least. Prior to my coming to Bon Temps, I had never changed a diaper in my life. I was a fast learner however and highly motivated. As soon as I realized that Sookie and I had a child, I was thrilled about the news, but I really hadn’t expected just how deeply I would fall in love with Pamela. Just watching her sleep made my heart ache in a way I had never experienced before. I wondered if all new fathers thought that their children were perfect. Well, I certainly did.

So for two weeks, I worked on Sookie’s house while she was at the hospital. There were many families of women taking care of everything at home during the war and since Sookie’s brother’s departure, very little had been done in the way of home maintenance. Sookie was burdened with a full-time job and new baby (and before that a pregnancy that prevented her from any heavy physical labor) and I’m sure that her grandmother had had her hands full as well. So I cleaned out gutters, weeded gardens, fixed dripping faucets and squeaky door hinges. After Sookie’s house was in better shape, I did the same for her brother’s house which was sitting empty. I was able to forego the cane when at home for the most part, but still needed it for walking any real distance. My injuries did slow me down a little when I was in home-repair mode, but I was feeling a little stronger every day and happy to be of some help at the house.


My last two weeks at work flew by. I loved coming home to Eric every night as well as Pamela. Eric was busy whipping the house into shape which I was extremely grateful for. I had let so many little things go. And then he also helped at Jason’s place.

Once I was all through with work at the hospital, Amelia went back to her volunteer work, but she agreed to continue living at our house at my insistence. It was a great comfort to me to know that someone would be taking care of the house and I hoped that she and Tray would continue to live there when he came home and they could be married.

I was preparing myself and Pamela to move to Shreveport. I spent several days packing boxes and trunks to be shipped after we’d left. Admittedly, some days the packing went slowly because Eric and I were taking advantage of our new found privacy while Amelia was at the hospital. We were newlyweds, after all. We managed to christen every room in the house with the exceptions of Amelia’s rooms upstairs of course. That would just be rude.


I must admit that I was thrilled when I watched the look on Sookie’s face as we entered our home in Shreveport. Although I certainly couldn’t take any of the credit for it, the house was quite spectacular without being pretentious. It had been our family’s home for three generations.

Pam greeted us at the door along with Clancy and Felicia and soon the whole staff came down to meet Sookie and gush over the baby.

Sookie went to feed Pamela while I made a quick scan of my mail. Amazingly, Sookie’s letter from December had arrived while I was in Bon Temps telling me that she was expecting and on her way home. I carefully removed the letter from my jacket pocket that I had kept with me every day since I’d received it and placed them both in our family’s safe.


I’m quite certain that my mouth was open as I stepped into the foyer of what was to become my new home. I had never been inside such a house, and now it was to be mine. Eric’s sister and a handful of the household staff (Eric had a staff!) came to the door. They were all so sweet and made a fuss over how beautiful Pamela was. Eric’s sister swore that Pamela looked just like her in her own baby pictures and I thought if she grows up looking anything like Pam, we would have to padlock her room to keep the boys away.

“We’ve put you three into the master suite. It’s the only bedroom with a nursery attached. I hope you like it.”

“I’m sure we’ll love it. Thank you, Pam.”

I started to apologize for not contacting her sooner about the baby but she dismissed my apologies saying that none of that mattered now. I also apologized because we’d gotten married so quickly that she was not able to attend the wedding. She just winked and said, “As far as I’m concerned that wedding happened way back before Pamela was born.” I liked her immediately.

I got Pamela fed and settled into the most beautiful baby crib I’d ever seen. The whole room was decorated in pink and lavender which was in stark contrast to the dark wood and rich heavy rugs in our bedroom. The bedroom was the size of half my house and had two seating areas as well as a huge four-poster bed. I was standing by the bed admiring the handwoven spread when I heard the door close behind me and felt Eric’s arms envelope me as he nibbled the back of my neck. “Are you hungry, Mrs. Northman?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Can you wait for just a minute?” I felt a hand creep up my skirt and tug at my panties.

My breathing started to speed up. “Well, I suppose I could. I feel so sticky though from the train ride.”

“And you’re about to get even stickier, my love.” My skirt was unzipped and sliding to the floor along with my panties. I was left with my blouse on as well as my stockings and garter belt. I started to step out of my shoes, but then decided that they would give me a little more height as I bent at the waist and stretched forward onto the bed in eager anticipation of something wonderful. I heard Eric’s soft growl behind me as his fingers found me, followed swiftly by something much more satisfying. I tried to stifle my moans, knowing that there were other people in the house, but as I approached my second climax, I no longer cared. Eric came rather loudly as well, and I giggled as we unwound, asking him what the people in the house must think of us. “That we’re happy, love. That we’re just happy.”

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