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A Different Turn of Events: Chapter 8

I woke and immediately flew out of the closet and out the front door of Sookie’s house. I noted that the windows had been repaired and yet I’d gone to rest having forgotten to call Bobby. I stopped in my tracks on the front porch and instantly knew that Sookie must be okay because who else would have had the windows repaired? A wave of relief washed over me. She must be safe. But then what if she’d arranged for the repair and then had gone out and met the sun somewhere in the woods? I was back to panic mode and took off running into the woods. I kept stopping and trying to smell her or sense her, but it was no use. If she was safe, she was still resting and I may not be able to feel her. I wandered the woods and the cemetery, cursing myself for ever leaving her.

I heard voices and sensed Sookie’s awakened state and followed the sounds and the feelings and I’ll be damned if they didn’t lead me right to Compton’s house. I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw the two of them sitting on the front porch sipping True Bloods like it was a fucking cocktail party. Sookie was still wearing the clothes I’d dressed her in the night before when I’d put her in the car to drive to Bon Temps. I’d been out of my mind with worry and she was having a fucking slumber party with her ex-lover. Or maybe I should change that to current lover. Fuck. I knew firsthand just what a sex machine Sookie had become since her turning. That’s practically all we’d done. I leave her for a few hours to clear my head and the first thing she does is run next door to fuck Compton.

There was still so much to teach Sookie. I am her maker and she should be with me. Regardless of my personal feelings, and they were all over the place, she is my responsibility. I hadn’t even registered her yet as a new vampire in Area Five. If Compton goes spouting off to the queen that Sookie’s been turned, it will open a whole can of worms. I need time to prepare Sookie, explain things to her. I haven’t even taught her to feed yet. She shouldn’t be influenced by other vampires yet, much less fucking them. Goddamn Compton.

I saw red and stormed back to the house. I had no desire to watch Sookie giving Compton head on his front porch or god only knows what else. I jumped into my car and started driving again. Fuck, this was a mess.

I went home and showered and dressed and went through my email in the office. Then I decided I’d go into the bar and get some work done. Once I’d calmed down, I’d go back to Bon Temps and retrieve Sookie. She shouldn’t be with Compton. She belongs with me, dammit. I drove to Fangtasia and was just planning on taking care of a few things in the office before driving back to Sookie’s when I walked in and could not believe what I found. Pam and Compton and Sookie were all in there and Sookie was drinking from the neck of some fangbanger. I didn’t think I could get much more pissed than I already was, but I did. I should be the one teaching Sookie to feed, not Compton. Not Pam. Pam had no business interfering. Sookie is mine.

I slammed the door and all eyes turned to me. I told Sookie and Compton to get out. Pam started to leave as well, but I growled at her to stay put. When we were alone in the office, I started scolding her for taking it upon herself to train Sookie and for allowing fucking Compton in here. “Sookie belongs to me. I am her maker. If you want to train a new vampire, fucking make your own. But stay away from Sookie. Do you understand?” She nodded. “Now bring me something to eat and then I’m going to go and get my child and get this straightened out.”

“Actually, you can’t do that , Master.”

“Don’t fucking tell me what I can and cannot do. Don’t forget who the fuck you’re talking to.”

“I only meant, Master, that Sookie won’t be going home. Bill is taking her to New Orleans to meet the queen.

Holy fuck. What next.

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