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A Different Turn of Events: Chapter 7

After Eric left, breaking my front windows on his way out like a Neanderthal, I sat down on my sofa, stunned. I guess I really hadn’t thought about what to expect once Eric regained his memories of our time together, but I wasn’t expecting him to be such a jerk about it. He left me, said he wanted to just get away from me, or something like that anyway. What had I done wrong? I was really starting to think of Eric as a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde but in a big scary vampire body. Original recipe Eric was a cold brute with a wicked sense of humor, a born leader and ruthless monster in the best-looking package I’d ever seen. Memory-loss and cursed Eric was kind and funny and scared and romantic and also in the best-looking package I’d ever seen. I was starting to wonder whether the two Erics would ever be able to successfully merge into one vampire. If what I’d just witnessed was any indication, I was thinking maybe not.

I went back into the bedroom and sat and stared at my suitcases. Should I continue packing? Was Eric coming back for me? Or was I on my own now. Maybe I should just unpack and get used to living here in my own house as a vampire. Hey, I have a hidey hole. I could make this work. Who needs a big meany maker like Eric anyway? He’s not the only vampire I know. I can get my newbie-vampire tutoring from somebody else. I can always call Pam or Bill. They’ll help me without throwing a tantrum and breaking my windows. If Eric wants to leave me, that’s just fine. I’m not helpless. I’ve always prided myself on being an independent woman, and now I’ll just be an independent woman in vampire skin. Maybe Sam will give me my job back, although the lunch shifts are out for me now. But whatever, I’ll figure this out.

The first thing I did was clean up the broken glass and tape cardboard over the windows. I measured the openings and grabbed my keys to go to the hardware store and have some glass cut when I remembered what time of day it was. Or I should say time of night. The hardware store would be closed now. Dang, this only-available-for-stuff-at-night stuff was pretty inconvenient. And I don’t have a “day man” like some snooty high and mighty vampires have (I’m not naming names). Who should I call to help me? The most obvious answer came to mind: Bill.

Why call when you can visit in person? I walked out the door and headed across the cemetery. Bill answered the door with a look of shock on his face. Oh yeah, I guess he didn’t know yet. I went in and we sat and I told him all about being turned and how Eric had just left me and my broken windows after getting his memory back. I asked him if he had a day man and it turns out that I’d pretty much been Bill’s day man and didn’t even realize it. So we called Sam and he promised to come over in the morning and fix the windows for me.

Bill was eager to help me learn more about the vampire world now that I was a card-carrying member. He pulled out his laptop and went through the database, explaining who some of the more important vampires are. I guess I hadn’t really given it much thought, but there was a whole political empire above Eric. He was the big boss vampire in my limited mind, but of course there were many other vampires in the hierarchy. Bill made some calls to New Orleans and explained to some big muckety-mucks who I was and that I’d been turned. We were summoned to the queen. Holy moly. Bill and I made plans to drive to New Orleans the following night. I just needed to repack my suitcase. I was on my way out the door when I suddenly realized that my house wasn’t secure with the front windows broken out like that. Eric had said something about how important security was and suddenly I felt a little scared of sleeping in my hidey hole. Bill said not to worry, that he had a few safe spots in his house and that I was welcome to stay in one. I thanked him profusely and as it got nearer to dawn, he led me to one under the kitchen pantry that I hadn’t even known about. He said goodnight as he closed the lid on my temporary box and I got comfortable. What a crazy night it had been, I thought. And tomorrow I’ll meet the vampire queen of Louisiana.

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