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A Different Turn of Events: Chapter 6

The memories of the time I’d spent in Sookie’s house came back to me in a flood. I was sitting on her bed and suddenly, a wave of memory hit me and I saw us making love, but it was nothing like the sex we’d been having since her turning. It was romantic and emotional and powerful. I’d loved her. I’d wanted to stay with her, leave my life behind, get a job for fuck’s sake. I didn’t even recognize myself. I don’t change my world for a piece of ass. I’m not the soft vulnerable pansy that I left behind here when the curse was lifted. I was pissed. What the fuck happened to my personality when that bitch Hallow cursed me?

Sookie tried to hold my hand, but the last thing I wanted was for her to touch me, feel sorry for me because I had somehow swallowed my own balls when I was in her house. She must think I’m such a pussy. How could she even respect me? I stood and pushed past her to the kitchen and then I was hit with another memory. I looked down to the floor and saw myself crying and holding a dying Sookie in my arms. “Please don’t leave me? I love you, I need you? Fuck me raw.” I didn’t even recognize myself. Vampires don’t say those things. I wasn’t even that emotional when I was a human and had a wife and children. I turned to look at Sookie and I could feel her pity. “Don’t look at me like that. Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?”

“I did. You asked if there were feelings. I said yes.”

“Those weren’t feelings. Those were personality changes. Those were fucking emasculating.” I wanted to add terrifying, but shut my mouth.

I felt overwhelmed and needed to get out of there, away from Sookie. I wanted to sort this out, but not in front of her. I had lost face enough in front of her. When I was that weeping ball-less idiot on the kitchen floor, she was at least a human and probably used to seeing human idiots act like that. But now she is a vampire, and most likely will become the most magnificent kick-ass vampire ever created. How could I impress her as her master after she’d seen me like that? It was humiliating. I walked towards the front door and flung it open. Unfortunately, when it hit the wall the impact broke the windows on either side of it and the glass shattered. (Such things happen a lot when you’re a vampire.) I kept walking. Sookie was behind me. “Where are you going?”

“Away from you.” I couldn’t face her.

I jumped into my car and took off. Once I got to the interstate, I just floored it and drove. I wanted to get away from Bon Temps, away from Sookie, away from myself.

I wound up headed back to Shreveport before I even realized what direction I was driving in. I decided to stop and check on the bar. I might be having a mental breakdown, but I’m also practical and know that I have work to be done. I went in the back entrance and straight to my office.

Pam had obviously been on top of things but there was still a stack of papers for me to sort through. I dove right in and started going through them. I was lost in concentration and hadn’t even realized that hours had passed when Pam came in. “Where’s Sookie?”

“At her house packing.”

“You left her there alone?”

“She’s not a fucking baby, Pam. I think she can pack a suitcase without my hand up her ass.”

“Actually, she is a newborn, Master. And she does need you.”

“Why don’t you mind your own fucking business and bring me something to eat.” Suddenly, I was starving and remembered that I hadn’t eaten anything since the previous night, but had certainly expended a lot of energy with Sookie, not to mention all the bodily fluids I’d lost.

Pam returned after a moment with a petite brunette in a short leather skirt and then closed the door behind her as she left. I stood and walked over to the girl, taking a bite out of her neck. I took a few pulls and licked the wound closed. “You may go.” I opened the door and pushed her out, closing it behind her.

I heard a tiny, “You’re welcome,” as she walked back towards the bar. Whatever. It’s just a meal.

I went back to my papers and was lost in my work again. After some time, I wrapped up what I was doing and looked at the clock. It was getting late and I really needed to go and pick Sookie up and get her home.

I drove back to Bon Temps and walked up the front steps to Sookie’s house. The broken glass had been cleaned up and pieces of cardboard had been taped over the two empty spaces flanking the front door. I made a mental note to send someone over tomorrow to repair those.

I entered the house, but Sookie was not there. Her suitcases were still open on the floor of her bedroom and nothing else seemed to be out of place. I looked out the kitchen window and her car was still behind the house. Perhaps she’d needed some space herself and had gone for a walk in the woods. I sat in the living room and turned the TV on to wait for her. I watched a couple of bad late-night reruns, not really paying attention and then went out and walked in the woods myself looking for Sookie. Dawn was approaching and I was starting to worry. She would fall into her rest before I would. She had no idea how to bury herself in the ground. There was still so much to teach her. Dammit, maybe Pam was right and I shouldn’t have left her alone.

I was starting to panic a little and then decided that she had most likely just gone in a different direction than I’d taken and was back at the house by now. I scanned the sky and knew that she would probably no longer be conscious. I hurried back to the house and went into the closet of her guest room anxious to find her safely resting under the house. But real fear gripped me when I opened the hatch and found the space empty. Where the fuck was Sookie? Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time myself to freak out because dawn was coming. I barely had time to fall into the hole and close the door above me before I was out. My last thought was sheer terror that Sookie was in danger and perhaps meeting the sun somewhere alone and afraid and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. I had failed her. And now I feared I’d lost her as well.

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