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A Different Turn of Events: Chapter 14

I woke up alone in Eric’s room. I got up and got in the shower. I figured I might as well go ahead and get ready for another night of servitude. At least I wouldn’t have to get bitten and…yuck…have sex with that creepy little guy, Andre. I suppose I could stay here and just read humans all night as long as I got to stay with Eric. I wasn’t happy about it, mind you, but I was grateful that my plight wasn’t worse.

As I was finishing dressing, Eric returned to the room with two humans. He brought home take-out for dinner. Eric let me have the man and he had the woman. He showed me how to not take too much and how to make it more pleasant for the human. He said I was a natural probably because I’d been bitten so much as a human myself, and so I instinctively knew what would feel better for the human. Plus he said that I was just a nice and thoughtful person and that made me smile. It made my human dinner smile as well. I asked him why he chose to be a donor and he said he got free room and board while he was going to college. Eric’s human was hoping to be turned. After they left, I asked why Eric had seemed so mad at me when I bit the man at Fangtasia and yet he was fine at my biting the donor here.

“I wasn’t mad that you had bitten a human, Sookie. I was mad that you were fucking Compton.” I interrupted him, reminding him that none of that was going on. “Right, but that’s what I thought at the time. I also resented that he and Pam were teaching you to feed when it was my place to train you. Yes, I was jealous, but not of the human. I was jealous of Compton. And I was angry knowing that you have so much to discover and I hated that I was missing it.”

“I thought you were mad because I was biting that guy.”

“No, no, lover. That’s how you feed. That’s what you are now. There is no shame in feeding.” He went on to explain how we can feed from humans without making it a sexual experience. Many do have sex with their donors, but most of the time, we don’t. He compared it to humans getting a massage. “It’s a sensual and pleasurable experience, but not necessarily a sexual one. If you desire the masseuse or masseur and that person is willing, you may take it to the next level and have sex. But most simply prefer the release and relief that a sensual pleasure affords and nothing more. The difference, of course, is that we require the experience in order to survive. I want you to enjoy feeding. I’d prefer that you not engage in sex with your meals though since our relationship includes a sexual element as well as the child/maker bond.”

“Okay. That’s fine.” I wanted to ask him to do the same but wasn’t sure if I could since he was my master. He seemed to sense my trepidation.

“Would you prefer that I am sexually faithful to you as well?”

“Yes, but I didn’t know if I could ask that of you.”

“As my child, you cannot. But ours is an unusual relationship if nothing else. I want you to be happy, Sookie, and if my fidelity would please you, then I am happy to comply.”

“Thank you…master.”

Eric grinned. “You only need to use that word in front of other vampires, lover. When we’re alone, you may call me whatever you wish, alright?”


“But in public, and especially here at the palace, you must always show your deference to me. If I appear weak as your master, the queen may reaffirm her desire to own you. Do you understand?”


“Now pack your bags. We’re going home.”

I almost screamed I was so excited. I couldn’t believe it. I asked Eric how it was possible.

“I’ve just negotiated your release while you were catching up on your beauty sleep.”

“What on earth did you negotiate with?”

“The most common medium of exchange there is: money. I have increased the percentage of revenue that the queen may tax Fantasia in exchange for your freedom. We must return to the palace once a month and remain for two nights, during which time you will be required to read humans, but I am to accompany you at all times.” I threw my arms around Eric and thanked him and smothered him with kisses.

We packed with vampire speed and Eric asked that his car be brought around. Rasul escorted us downstairs and I thanked him profusely for all of his help and for what he had done in the court. He simply bowed in response. As we reached the bottom of the stairs, I turned towards the front door and gasped. The entire entry hall was lined with vampires all the way to the door and each one bowed his or her head as I passed by. I didn’t recognize any of them until I got to the end. The last head to bow belonged to Pam. I turned and bowed to the entire room and then deepened my bow towards Pam. As I lifted my head to say goodbye I caught a little wink from Pam, but she kept her head down. I owed my freedom to all of these vampires and I would never forget it.

Eric’s car was loaded and he and I got in. I looked back one last time to the palace where I had almost become a slave. Then I looked at my beautiful boyfriend who was now also my maker and my master and the man who had risked his life for my freedom. I felt awe and gratitude and pride for his courage, but mostly I felt love and a hope for a long future ahead.


A/N: So many people requested revenge for Bill’s betrayal, so I’ve written a little something that I hope will please called Sookie is Stunning. After that, please join Eric and Sookie for The Rhodes Less Traveled.


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