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A Different Turn of Events: Chapter 13

As Sookie and I approached my room, I turned to Rasul and asked that her things be packed and delivered to my room. He turned to Sookie and she nodded in agreement. It was an interesting exchange because as her master, it was my decision what happens to her. He had no reason to ask her opinion, and yet he sought it, risking incurring my wrath. Clearly, Sookie had inspired a deep loyalty and respect in the brief time she had been here, as had just been demonstrated most dramatically in the court. In spite of the fact that Sookie is newly born, any vampire can see that her special gift sets her apart from others. Now she is simply an asset that the queen wants to control, but someday she may be more powerful than all the vampires back in that room. But only if she can survive.

Once inside, we sat on the sofa together. Sookie reached out and took my hand. “Thank you, Eric.”

“You’re welcome. I realize that I am interrupting your little affair with Compton, but I am responsible for your safety and can assure it better if you are staying with me.”

“There is no little affair with Bill, Eric. He was just trying to help me after you left me.”

“I left you?”

“Yes, at my house. You abandoned me. I went to Bill for help and he gave me a hidey hole until Sam could fix my front windows. It wasn’t an affair. He was trying to be my friend.”

“By bringing you here and sacrificing your free will? By handing you over to the queen to control your every waking moment? He is either a complete imbecile or a heartless bastard. Maybe both.”

“Did you know that the queen sent him to Bon Temps to acquire me?”

“I found out last night.”

“So, your turning me wasn’t a part of the plan?”

“Sookie, you were there. Did I seem like I was executing a plan of the queen’s?”

“No, of course not. I’m sorry.”

“And for the record, I did not abandon you. I was angry and went for a drive and then to check on the bar. Then I returned for you and found an empty house. I searched until dawn and feared for your life when you didn’t come home.”

“I’m sorry, Eric. I thought you’d left me.”

“Sookie, I am your maker. My obligation to you remains forever. And obligations aside, I care for you…” I stopped and took an unnecessary breath. “I love you. I won’t leave you.”

She scooted towards me and I held her tightly to my chest. She turned into my body and whispered a tiny, “I love you too,” that only a vampire could hear.

Sookie’s suitcase was delivered and she unpacked. We both got ready for bed and climbed in together. Sookie had clearly been traumatized by her recent treatment at the palace and so I held her and comforted her. She told me all that had happened to her and how Rasul had told her she was to live here from now on. The reveal of Compton’s motive had upset her as well even though she kept swearing to me that she no longer held any romantic feelings for him, and had not held them even before she learned of his deception. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t relieved to hear it, and I told her so. She looked up into my eyes and I felt a swell of love from her. She reached up and pressed her lips to mine and I held her tightly, feeling her love and returning it with my own. Her hands began to caress my chest and arms and then she began to untie the drawstring to my pants. I pulled her gown over her head and helped her to remove my pants and then we reached for each other again but this time with nothing between us. We gently explored with our hands until I rolled her onto her back and entered her. It was powerful and emotional. It was the same as when I was in her house, cursed without a memory and driven by nothing but my adoration of her. Only this time my memory was intact. This time I was the sexually driven ancient vampire as well as the tender lover she’d created in our own little cocoon of her house. This time I was both, and it was something I had never experienced before. We climaxed together and whispered sweet words with promises of many more nights just like this one. I don’t think I had ever felt so completely happy in all my years.

Naturally, Sookie fell into her rest before I did. I held her to me and wondered how I could get her out of the hands of the queen and back into the life of Sookie’s own choosing. Naturally, I wanted to stake Compton, but that could wait. Sookie was my priority. Telepaths are quite rare and I had never heard of a vampire telepath before, and so of course I knew that she was a valuable commodity. As a pragmatist, I could see the value in owning her. But as a man and one who had recently been reminded of his own human nature by losing a thousand years of memory as a monster, I wanted what was best for a woman that I loved and cherished. I formed a plan and hoped it would work as I waited for dawn to take me.

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