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A Different Turn of Events: Chapter 12

I woke, dressed, had a quick bite and went downstairs to attend the court. As a registered Louisiana vampire, I was allowed to be present at public proceedings. For most of the night, I sat and listened to boring bullshit. Vampires coming to request the queen’s protection, social visits, routine business transactions. I overheard two vampires behind me discussing the fact that Sookie was somewhere in the palace reading humans for the queen. I tried to sense her, but she must have been too far away—perhaps in another wing. I waited and wasted most of the night and then finally, Sookie entered the room with Rasul. She stood before the throne and bowed respectfully.

“Your majesty.”

“I have some exciting news for you, Sookie. You have done such a wonderful job this evening that I have decided to take you as my personal charge. You have earned a special place in this regime as my telepath.” The queen waited for a response and grew irritated. “It is a great honor.”

“Thank you.” I sensed Sookie’s fear and confusion.

“In order to seal our bond and ensure your loyalty, you will have the distinct and highly unusual honor of entering into a blood bond with me. Tonight you and I will exchange blood and then consummate our union. You will essentially become my child and your service to me will be sealed eternally.”

“I beg your pardon.” I sensed Sookie’s panic beginning to rise.

“You will be mine, my dear.”

A pretty young blonde human tentatively walked over to the queen and whispered into her ear. I didn’t know who she was, but she was clearly a favorite of the queen’s to be allowed so close. The queen addressed the girl. “Oh, thank you, Hadley.” And then she turned back to Sookie. “Are you a heterosexual?”

“Um…yes, ma’am.”



“Very well, you may bond with my child, Andre. His loyalty to me is indisputable.”

At that, Andre stood and walked to stand in front of Sookie. I sensed Sookie’s panic change to disgust and then fear. If she was bonded to Andre or the queen, I would lose her, but more importantly, she would lose her freedom. I had gotten her into this mess by turning her, even though I’d had no idea that the queen had such diabolical plans for her. I had to do something.

“Your highness.” Interrupting the proceeding was completely inappropriate, but I did it anyway.

“Yes, Eric, what is it?” She was annoyed, but let me speak.

Sookie turned and looked at me in shock as I approached the queen and Andre. “This is completely unnecessary, your majesty. As my child, Sookie is already bound to me. We have obviously exchanged blood and our bond has been consummated. As my loyalty to you has been declared, her bonding to any other member of your regime is redundant. You already have her, so to speak, because you have me.”

Andre spoke before she could answer. “I wish it.”

“Ah, there. Andre wishes it, and so it will be.”

I glared at Andre. I had always hated him. He was the queen’s child and so he was untouchable, but nothing would give more pleasure that to see him staked.

“Then as Sookie’s maker, I believe it is my option to challenge Andre for her favors. I wish to battle him for the bond.”

The queen laughed. “Eric, my dear, surely you know of Andre’s age. Even a vampire as old as you are would stand no chance in a battle with Andre. It would be suicide, and stupid, and I know you’re not stupid.”

“I remain ready to battle Andre.”

“Well, this should be interesting. Alright, fine. If you can win in battle, you shall own Sookie and Andre will forego the bonding with Sookie, provided he survives. If Andre wins, you…well, you should just hope to survive. Good luck.”

A voice from the back of the room rang out. “Your majesty, if Eric Northman falls in battle, I am ready to take up his sword.” All heads turned to see my perfect child, Pam, standing against the back wall.

“And your majesty, if Pam Ravenscroft should fall in battle, I am ready to take up her sword.” Compton’s voice rang out.

“And I will follow should Bill Compton fall.” This time it was Rasul speaking.

Suddenly the whole room erupted in a chorus of voices, all ready to fight for Sookie’s freedom. It was a sight to behold.

After all the declarations, the room eventually grew silent. The queen eyed me suspiciously and then scanned the room, clearly fascinated at the turn of events. “Tell me, Eric, why are you doing this?”

“She is my child.”

“Yes, and perhaps more.”

“Yes, your majesty.”

“I see.” There was a long silence and finally she spoke again. “Sit down, Andre.” He complied, glaring at me. “It seems that a bonding ceremony is unnecessary. Eric, Sookie, you are both excused. Enjoy your evening.”

I bowed and I felt Sookie doing the same beside me and then we turned together and left the room.

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