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A Different Turn of Events: Chapter 10

I raced home, threw some clothes into a suitcase, and grabbed a blood on my way out the door. During the whole drive to New Orleans, I just kept thinking of how fucked up this could all get. Sookie was not ready to face all the political bullshit at that palace. Once she was in the queen’s clutches, I wasn’t certain that I would be able to protect Sookie. She had no way of knowing what a dangerous situation she was about to find herself in. Fucking Compton has no business interfering, and now he’s put her life in danger. What the fuck was he thinking?

When I arrived, I was ushered to my room and then led into the queen’s court. I bowed deeply. “Your majesty.”

“Eric, welcome. What brings you to New Orleans?”

“I have come seeking Sookie Stackhouse.”

“Ah yes, your newest child. You just missed her. She and Bill are already up in their room.” My fists clenched when I heard her say room and not rooms.

“May I please see her, your majesty?”

“If you knew she was here and you needed her, why didn’t you just call her?” I knew this was a trick question. Surely she didn’t think I wouldn’t fall for it.

“I knew she was here because you summoned her, your highness. My call would have contradicted your wishes. My loyalty to you is absolute, my queen. Your desire to see Sookie supersedes any wish of mine, naturally.” I watched her smug expression with well-hidden disdain.

“You may see her tomorrow, Eric. They’ve retired for the evening. I want to thank you for turning her. I was concerned that her gift would suffer or I would have had Bill do it himself.”

“You were aware of her talents?”

“Of course. I sent Bill to obtain her for me. I probably should have told you since it was in Area Five, but I guess it slipped my mind.” She knew the protocol. She had no business excluding me from her plan if it involved my area.

“Apparently, your majesty.” She just shot me a dirty look as my comment bordered on insolence. Good thing I had just kissed her ass a minute before. I knew how much I could get away with.

“At any rate, she is mine now. Your work is done. You may be excused to go home.”

“If you’ll beg my pardon, your majesty, my work is far from done. She is a newborn and I am her maker.”

“Yes, well, we’ll talk about that tomorrow…if you choose to stay. You know you’re always welcome. But your interference is not. Are we clear?”

“Yes, your highness.”

“Goodnight then.”

I lay on my bed wondering how in the world this had gotten so fucked up and what I could do about it. Sookie was somewhere in this palace fucking Compton right at that very moment and as completely upsetting as that was, that wasn’t the worst thing that I was having to deal with. The queen had just basically told me to back off because she was taking Sookie away from me. I had never heard of a monarch stealing a newborn from his or her master, but I didn’t doubt that it could be done. Compton had just handed Sookie over on a silver platter, the selfish prick. And for what. Did he really think that the queen would reward him for delivering Sookie? Now that his job was done, he was expendable. The idiot clearly has no head for politics. And apparently, he never really gave a shit about Sookie. The queen had sent him to win Sookie for her like a prized possession. And she was one, but she was mine, dammit. But I didn’t want her because she was a telepath. I wanted her because I loved her. Admitting that to myself was upsetting, but oddly a relief as well. I had been trying to come to terms with the fact that I was the spineless wimp that stayed at Sookie’s house. I knew that I was that man just as surely as I was myself now. I was both and I needed to just get over that and get on with it. There were more important issues to deal with at the moment, like protecting Sookie from becoming the queen’s permanent possession. I had no idea how I was going to prevent that but I had to try, no matter what the cost. I owed Sookie that.

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