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Time for a change

I grayed prematurely, and when I was thirty-eight I decided to stop coloring my hair. My agent thought it was a mistake, saying casting directors would think I was older. I didn’t care how old they thought I was, as long as I worked. That agent dropped me, but I kept on working. I went from the bride to the mother of the bride overnight, and I was right: those checks cashed just the same.

Susan bridal MOB tear

From Brides Magazine


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6 thoughts on “Time for a change

  1. Still gorgeous!

  2. valady1 on said:

    The decision to color or not color your hair is completely personal. Glad you went with what you wanted instead of bowing to pressure..

  3. You are so beautiful ….with or without gray hair!
    💕 💖 💋

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