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The start of something …

This was an outtake from my first print job in Los Angeles. The client was Parachute. Steven Arnold was the photographer, and Paul Starr, the makeup artist. Sadly, both are now gone. I wrote about this in a book that may or may not be published one day:
“When I look at it, I see a young, naïve girl, hidden behind thick false eyelashes and dark brown lipstick, waiting for her life to happen, and not even realizing what an amazing moment has been captured—the start of her life in L.A.”

susan 9 jpg.png cropped



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8 thoughts on “The start of something …

  1. How was doing music videos and meeting the bands or singers. Music videos were really popular during the 80’s.

  2. I loved shooting music videos! Here’s an interview I did along with other cast members from Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by pop culture archeologist Marc Tyler Nobleman. He finds the women from iconic 80s music videos, and interviews them. I love that the videos are of interest even now.

  3. Look at you…you look like a Movie Star Diva of the forties!!!

  4. You looked like a lady with a secret. A possible femme fatale. Or maybe she is the ‘other woman’? I love it!

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