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The Complete Tryon Diary

As many of you know, in my “real life” I have a weekly newspaper column called “Tryon Diary” in which I chronicle my discovery of small-town life in Tryon, North Carolina, after living in Los Angeles for nearly three decades.

I’ve recently added a new plot twist to my personal story as my husband landed a new and exciting job in that will move us to Phoenix, Arizona.

While that news is very good, it brought my column to a close unexpectedly, and now I’ve published all 50 of my columns in a new book, The Complete Tryon Diary.

Writing the column was an amazing experience, and I will certainly miss it along with my wonderful town and the special people in it. I hope you’ll enjoy sharing the year I spent writing about Tryon and why it’s such an interesting, quirky, and incredibly unique place.

the complete tryon diary cover final  with fine gray line


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2 thoughts on “The Complete Tryon Diary

  1. Is this book available on Kindle?

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