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I’m a flash fic winner!

I’m very excited to report that my flash fiction story, Tragedy: Comedy, has won judges’ pick for Day 6 in the 8 Days of Ether Contest on Ether Books! This was my first foray into flash fiction, and I sure had fun. I wrote a story of 500 words or less every day for eight days based on a prompt.

On Day 6, the prompt was “Tragedy.” I thought of a stand-up comedian I once knew and how he had to be funny no matter the circumstances, and wrote Tragedy: Comedy.

The story garnered wonderful reviews that said, “lovely, very very well done,” “great twist,” “subtle layers,” “lovely twining of two emotionally different stories,” “the end blew me away!” and “worked on so many levels.” 

Thank you to the judges and to all who read, rated and reviewed!

ether tragedy comedy poster


And please check out my story in the Twisted Tales Contest, also on Ether Books. Sweet Sixteen tells the story of two friends who share the past and the burden of pain, and which one reviewer claims has a “great narrative voice.”

You can help me win just by downloading the free app and reading my (also free) story on your phone or tablet by July 14.  I came in third for the most downloads in the 8 Days of Ether contest, and had a mere eighteen downloads fewer than the winner, so every download counts!

ether sweet sixteen poster final



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2 thoughts on “I’m a flash fic winner!

  1. Thank you, gyllene! And thank you to Fanfiction Minions for their support! 🙂

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