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8 Days of Ether Contest

I started out thinking I might enter one of the days, and wound up entering all eight like a maniac. If you know me from fanfiction, then you know it’s sometimes hard for me to find the off switch once I’m turned on.

So I have eight stories on Ether Books, and all you have to do to read them (for free!) is to download the Ether Books app to your phone or tablet and have at it. While you’re there, you will definitely find many more stories (also free) to your liking from lots of very cool writers I’ve had the privilege of meeting in the last week or so.

There are two ways writers can win the contest–judges give one prize and readers determine the other. So, if you download my stories onto your app, I’ll be grateful.

We got a prompt every day and had 24 hours to post a story of 500 words or less. Here are my stories:

Day 1 prompt: Adventure

Title: The Flight to Visdon

ether the flight to visdon poster


Day 2 prompt: Hats

Title: The Black Fedora

ether the black fedora poster


Day 3 prompt: Time

Title: When Scarlett met Rhett

ether when scarlett met rhett poster


Day 4 prompt: Desire

Title: Big Feet

ether big feet poster


Day 5 prompt: Risk

Title: Taking a Wife

ether taking a wife poster


Day 6 prompt: Tragedy

Title: Tragedy: Comedy

ether tragedy comedy poster


Day 7 prompt: Family

Title: Everlasting

ether everlasting poster


Day 8 prompt: Song and Dance

Title: Last Dance

ether last dance poster



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3 thoughts on “8 Days of Ether Contest

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  2. I just love all these stories!

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