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Voting is open!

you want blood awards bannerThe You Want Blood Awards (TB/SVM Fanfic) voting has officially opened today, and I’m proud and honored to announce that I have several nominations! You can vote every day and for up to 3 nominees in each category. There are lots and lots of nominees, so this will be a fun chance to both review old favorites and discover new gems. Please thank the hosts who have worked so hard to put this together for us. And congratulations to all the nominees!

Here are my nomination banners …

banner hair-and-makeup-suki59-the-human-award1

banner a-world-away-suki-59-the-greatest-love-story1

banner sookie-stackhouse-facebook-feed-suki59-the-george-carlin-awardbanner coda-this-suki59-the-george-carlin-award

banner drained-suki59-roller-coaster-award

banner over-the-moon-suki59-edge-of-your-seat

banner over-the-moon-suki59-the-viking-award

banner drained-suki59-the-charlaine-harris-award

banner drained-suki59-best-of-the-best

banner in-youthful-arms-octavia_barry-suki59-the-more-the-merrier

banner suki59-eagle-eye-award

banner suki-59-the-ericizmine-award


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2 thoughts on “Voting is open!

  1. Yay! Congratulations. Off to check out the ballot and to vote 🙂

  2. Congratulations to you too, Thyra! Off to vote too … 🙂

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