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Drop Dead Gorgeous, Take Two

Life is constantly throwing us surprises. Exactly one week after my first novel had been released, I found out my publisher was closing its doors. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry—maybe both.

This was my first publishing experience, and I felt like we’d come so far, my publisher and I, and then was shocked to learn everything would change so unexpectedly.

They were extremely gracious and apologized for the timing, and I started a crash course in self-publishing so we could make the transition as smoothly as possible. We had lined up interviews, blog posts, reviews, and a release party all celebrating my debut novel, published by Temptress Press.

And now here I sit, nine days after the release of the first edition of my first book, waiting for Amazon to confirm the second edition. Life is wacky, isn’t it?

To those who bought the first edition, thank you. To those who are stuck between editions, my sincere apologies. I hope the new edition will be out soon (Amazon says within 48 hours), but it’s entirely out of my hands, as are many aspects of life in general.

When the new edition comes out today or tomorrow or the next day, please keep in mind that although Temptress Press is no longer listed as the publisher, the two women who were Temptress Press are still the people who took a chance on me, offered me my first (and second!) publishing contract, and did their best to make this book the best it could be. They worked hard and life handed them a big surprise as well when they had to close their doors.

Thank you, Laura and Kirsty, for all you’ve done for me and the best of luck to you both. Life, bring it on. I’m ready for the next edition.


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7 thoughts on “Drop Dead Gorgeous, Take Two

  1. Hang in there Suki… that sounds about like the kind of luck I have. However, your attitude is very gracious. 🙂

  2. Ha! Thank you, teagan. I’ll be so smart when this is through. 🙂

  3. ReefChic7 on said:

    Oh, sweetie! I am so sorry! I can only imagine what a let down that is. I have so much faith in you as a writer, I know something will come along for you. In the meantime, self-publishing is the way to go. Teagan is right, you are so gracious about this and have handled this like such a lady. ❤

  4. Thank you, ReefChic. That felt like a virtual hug. 🙂

  5. Vivian on said:

    Wow . I generally shy away from cliche phrases ,especially those that date me,but there isn’t a more succinct phrase I can think of now than” bummer ,man!”
    I was just about to getting around to writing you a belated Holiday message on FB,when I read this latest news .I remain optimistic as I know you are trying your best to do the same despite the frustration you must be feeling.
    Nevertheless,I still send you my support ,love ,and best wishes for a 2014 which exceeds your expectations in every way to surprise and delight you with only good news.


  6. Hey Susan, there’s always pottery to fall back on!

  7. Thank you, sweet Vivian! ❤ And yes, Jim, I can't wait to get my hands dirty in the pottery studio. That has become my favorite form of psychotherapy. 🙂

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