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Sookie Stackhouse’s Facebook Feed: Chapter 1

A/N: Unfortunately, fanfiction’s formatting isn’t the same as that of a real Facebook page. If there’s a blogger out there who’d like to post this in the correct (and hopefully, funnier) format, let me know. Oh, and I don’t own these characters. Or Facebook.

Sookie Stackhouse’s Facebook Feed

Bill Compton was tagged in the album tintypes I bought on ebay.

Felipe DeCastro became a fan of Fangtasia.

Eric Northman and 4 others like this.

Barry Horowitz removed Rhodes from the Places I’ve Been application.

Eric Northman wrote on Sookie Stackhouse’s wall: Yield to me.

Sookie Stackhouse

Cut it out!

Eric Northman


Pam Ravenscroft

Get a room.

Jason Stackhouse

Ya’ll are gross.

Victor Madden and John Quinn are now friends.

Russell Edgington Bubba rocked the house again last night.

Sookie Stackhouse

Do you know when he’ll be playing again?

Russell Edgington

Check his myspace page for upcoming dates.

Sookie Stackhouse


Russell Edgington

He does private shows too. Do you have a cat?

Jebediah Bellefleur and Tolliver Humphries were tagged in the album tintypes I bought on ebay.

Jason Stackhouse

Hey, aren’t those guys dead?

Bill Compton

So am I!

Mike Spencer

Good one, Vampire Bill! hahahaha

Sophie-Anne Leclerq removed “Queen” from her Work and Education information.

Bob Cataliades posted an article: “The Intricacies of Preparing Wills of the Already Dead”

Eric Northman, Bill Compton, and The Ancient Pythoness like this.

Jason Stackhouse added Tara Thornton to the group Chicks I Want to Bang.

Eric Northman is no longer friends with Andre Paul.

Alcide Herveaux joined the group Packmasters.

Debbie Pelt

I heart you.

Alcide Herveaux

Go away.

Alcide Herveaux is no longer friends with Debbie Pelt.

Niall Brigant wrote on Sookie Stackhouse’s wall: Do you have skype?

Sookie Stackhouse

Yes, I am sstackhouse on skype. I’m mindreaderchick on twitter. Do you tweet?

Niall Brigant

Of course!

Arlene Fowler joined The Fellowship of the Sun.

Pam Ravenscroft, Eric Northman, and Jake Purifoy were tagged in the album Pyramid of Gizeh Survivors.

Andy Bellefleur is running for sheriff of Renard Parish.

Maxine Fortenberry and Sterling Norris like this.

Amelia Broadway just woke up from a nap.

Pam Ravenscroft

Nobody cares, Amelia.

Amelia Broadway

Oh, hey, Pam! 😀

Calvin Norris please vote for Hotshot to get free Wi-Fi. Details on my fb page.

Crystal Norris and Maryelizabeth Norris like this.

Sam Merlotte took the quiz What are you? with the result: a shifter.

Victor Madden became a fan of Fangbangers of Area 5.

The Fellowship of the Sun says that vampires are an evil that needs to be removed from this earth. If you agree, copy and paste this to your status.

Arlene Fowler and 43,987 others like this.

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Sookie Stackhouse

Can’t we have a civil discussion about this?

Arlene Fowler

Your cooch stinks of vamp.

Pam Ravenscroft

I know where you all live.

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